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Reporting a Violation

I think a student violated academic integrity, what do I do?

  1. Upon learning that a student has violated the Academic Integrity policy, the faculty member should send the student a notification (email or letter) requesting to meet with them to discuss the situation. Please keep in mind that until the faculty member has had an opportunity to speak with the student, the matter is considered to be alleged.
  2. The faculty member should have as much supporting evidence of the academic integrity violation as possible to share with the student.
  3. Upon meeting with the student, the faculty member should first share with them the alleged violation and any evidence available. The faculty member should provide the student with an opportunity to explain the situation from their perspective. It is highly encouraged that the faculty member ask clarifying questions of the student about their recounting of the situation.
  4. Once the meeting with the student has concluded, it is recommended that the faculty member discern all information received and make a determination as to whether or not they believe the student violated the Academic Integrity policy.
  5. If the faculty member determines that the student did violate the Academic Integrity policy, they should notify the student about it as well as the consequences (i.e. lowered grade, fail the course, repeat the assignment, etc.). The faculty member should also notify the student that they will report the allegation to the Office of Student Life.

The faculty member should at this point submit an official Academic Integrity violation report to the Office of Student Life which can be found at this link.

When submitting the Academic Integrity report to the Office of Student Life, provide the following:

  • The full student ID number of the student, including the leading 4 zeros.
  • Detailed information about the situation.
  • Provide as much supporting evidence and information as possible.
  • If the Faculty member is providing documentation that is challenging for someone outside of the discipline to understand, explain that information in greater detail such that anyone reviewing it can more readily understand it.

If the faculty member marks on the reporting form that they have not met with the student yet (except for clearly stating that they have tried to meet with the student, but the student hasn’t responded), the Office of Student Life will ask that the faculty member meet with the student first.

Once the Academic Integrity report is received by the Office of Student Life, one of the Assistant Deans in that office will schedule a student conduct hearing with the alleged student to review and discuss the report.

As the Faculty Academic Integrity reporting process is somewhat parallel to the university Academic Integrity reporting process, the outcomes at times may differ. In these instances, the Office of Student Life will make every effort to communicate with the reporting faculty member to share this information and how this conclusion was reached. However, the university’s decision no matter how different or similar from the faculty’s decision does not overturn or interfere with the faculty’s decision.

Contact Student Life

If you have questions about the process, contact the Office of Student Life at