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Adhering to the standards of Academic Integrity is an important way that members of the SCU community demonstrate their commitment to academic and personal excellence. Students should make sure they are clear about the standards for each class, since expectations for proper citation and the amount of collaboration allowed may vary by department, instructor, and assignment. When in doubt, ask your instructor.

SCU Academic Integrity

This video covers the Academic Integrity protocol, policies, and procedures at Santa Clara University. Created on July 17, 2020, by Dr. Byron Howlett, Assistant Dean (Campus Climate), Office of Student Life.


Don't Cheat Yourself: Academic Integrity - Markkula Center

Students discuss the prevalence of cheating and whether professors care about cheating they see. Are there consequences for college students who cheat? This video was created by students at Santa Clara University. Videographers: Teki Mensah, Carly Olson, Ashton Wall