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ACCESS Account Information

ACCESS Credential Accounts

Make your ACCESS credential work for you!  The more you know about your accounts, the better you can customize it for the purchases you make.

Resident Dining Plan - if you live on campus, this account is a "must have" and is set up through Housing when you sign your contract.  Simply select your plan and Housing does the rest.  When you use Resident Dining you save sales tax at all campus venues.

Resident Dining Plans usually expire on the Sunday following the quarter end, with few exceptions. For the Fall and Winter quarters, any unused allowance up to 100 points will be carried forward for use in the following quarter with any unused allowance in excess of 100 points being forfeited. At the end of Spring quarter however, any unused points will be forfeited. Please visit Housing's site for more information about plan specifics.

Dining Plus Plan

Any student living off campus OR a resident student wishing to supplement his or her Resident Dining Plan may open a Dining Plus Plan.  Dining Plus is used at on campus dining venues; the best part of this plan is that you can open the account with a deposit of any amount.  The plan allows you to save tax at all campus food venues.  Although Dining Plus carries over quarter to quarter and year to year, it is not refundable, and expires at graduation.

Flex Account

Your Flex account alleviates the need to carry money on or off campus.  Simply make a deposit of any amount and you can start spending. Flex is accepted both on campus and at select off campus locations. While you can purchase food with Flex, you will pay sales tax.  Flex is great because you can use it for your laundry, school supplies, vending products and even photo copies.  Flex will carry over from quarter to quarter and year to year, and it is refundable at graduation, less a $10 fee.


All graduate and undergraduate students receive $48 per academic year on on their ACCESS card's SmartPrint account for printing use on campus networked printers.  The total summer Smartprint allotment is $16.  Once depleted, the Flex account will be automatically debited for printing use.  

Closing an Account

If you wish to have a refund of an unspent Flex Account balance when you graduate, withdraw from SCU or end employment, stop by, email, or call the ACCESS Office to request a refund form. A $10 processing fee is deducted from the refund balance.

Manage Your Accounts

How can you keep track of all these accounts?  Register at the Online ACCESS Office to check balances, review your transaction history and suspend your card when it is missing.