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The ACCESS Office

Welcome SCU Class of 2027!
All new students will receive a digital ACCESS Credential which should be set up remotely; no trips to the office are required! Please check your SCU email address for your ACCESS Credential set up instructions and a link to submit your image. Have a question? Just email us at and make sure to include your name and campus ID number.

What is the ACCESS Credential?

Your ACCESS credential is Santa Clara University's school ID, library card, debit card and personalized key to hundreds of SCU facilities.  Eliminating the need to carry cash, it is accepted at the university bookstore and libraries, all campus dining venues, network printers and vending and laundry machines.

Please see the video below for a brief overview of how you will use the credential on campus. FAQ's about the credential, including associated accounts, how to fund them, and where they are accepted can be found here.  

ACCESS Digital Credentials