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SCU Dining Services

Brought to you by Bon Appetit.

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Dining Services

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Bon Appétit, an on-site restaurant company, manages all dining venues across the Santa Clara University campus. Their philosophy is simple: food service for a sustainable future. That means cooking up made from scratch menu items with seasonal ingredients from local food growers. BAMCO prides themselves on industry-leading purchasing standards, including local sourcing, animal welfare, and sustainable seafood. For more information on Bon Appetit environmentally sound policies, please visit





For additional information about dining, we recommend:

We understand that our guests with special dietary needs, food allergies, celiac disease, lactose intolerance, or any other medically necessary diets simply want a safe place to make food choices, quickly. Each student must determine their own level of comfort when making selections within our cafés.

Using specific descriptive menu naming and icons, students and guests of our cafés can easily identify foods that contain allergen or dietary restrictions. This is a starting point and further questions can be addressed to a chef or manager.

If you have allergy or other dietary restrictions, please feel free to contact Resident District Manager, Harvey Smith at

Our approach allows guests to customize many café options to meet their personal dietary goals. We love to hear from you and can assist you in identifying your choices or even prepare foods to meet your needs.

SimplyOasis Allergen-Friendly Station

Beyond descriptive menu naming, we offer an allergy-friendly station called SimplyOasis, featuring entrées that celebrate fresh, simple, whole ingredients while avoiding all of the top-9 allergens + gluten.

For questions about dining services or food accommodations, students should contact:

Harvey Smith
Resident District Manager
(408) 554-4796

Eugene Zelditch
Executive Chef
(408) 594-0619

London Baker
Bon Appétit Regional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Office of Accessible Education
(408) 554-4109


  • Akita Sushi, 2251 The Alameda, 408 320-2779
  • Alameda Barbeque, 2323 The Alameda, 408 899-4954
  • Cramer's Bagels, 495 El Camino Real #131, 408 246-7580
  • The Hut, 3200 The Alameda, 408 899-4294 
  • Ike's Sandwiches, 2235 The Alameda, 408 244-2034
  • Pizza My Heart, 700 Bellomy St., 408 241-000
  • Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos, 2905 Park, 408 320-1225
  • Round Table Pizza, 2615 The Alameda, 408 248-9123
  • Togo's, 1000 Lafayette St., 408 249-4723 
  • Wicked Chicken, 2565 The Alameda, 408 246-9464
  • Wrap This! Mediterranean Cuisine, 2281 The Alameda, 408 246-9727

Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: North Dining Plaza (O'Connor Hall)
Food trucks accept dining plans, flex points and credit cards.

Spring Quarter 2024

April 3: Aki-ta Sushi
April 10: Waffle Amore
April 17: Fire and Rice
April 24: Oaxacan Kitchen
May 1: Aki-ta Sushi
May 8: Waffle Amore
May 15: Fire and Rice
May 22: Oaxacan Kitchen
May 29: Aki-ta Sushi
June 5: Waffle Amore


Menus & Hours


The Marketplace - Benson Memorial

Mission Bakery - Benson Memorial

Cadence Cyber Cafe - Lucas Hall

Fresh Bytes - SCDI

Sidebar Cafe - Charney Hall

Sunstream Cafe - Learning Commons

The Cellar Market - Benson Memorial