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Brought to you by Bon Appetit.

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Bon Appétit, an on-site restaurant company, manages all dining venues across the Santa Clara University campus. Their philosophy is simple: food service for a sustainable future. That means cooking up made from scratch menu items with seasonal ingredients from local food growers. BAMCO prides themselves on industry-leading purchasing standards, including local sourcing, animal welfare, and sustainable seafood. Widely recognized as a pioneer in environmentally sound sourcing policies, they are proud to be the first food service company to: 

  • Directly support small, local farms
  • Strive to serve only sustainable seafood
  • Address antibiotics overuse in our meat supply
  • Switch to cage-free eggs, both shell and precracked/liquid
  • Tackle food’s role in climate change
  • Advocate for farmworkers’ rights
  • Commit to pork raised without gestation crates
  • Switch to third-party verified humanely raised ground beef

From vegetarian- and vegan-friendly to gluten-free, diabetic to allergic, Bon Appétit is cooking for many. They’re rolling stocks, finishing sauces, and roasting meats with an approach to food that allows them to provide fresh foods from whole ingredients. If you have a special dietary need, speak up, and onsite chefs and managers are available to help you find, or even prepare, foods to meet your needs. For the health of our planet and guests, we’re committed to tilting the meals we serve in the plant-forward direction. At SCU we have created a vegan, allergen-friendly station called Power Up in order to give you peace of mind while putting plants first. This station is available weekdays for lunch. Vegan, vegetarian, and menu items made without gluten-containing ingredients can be found daily throughout the café and are identified by colorful COR icons online and in the café.

  • Akita Sushi, 2251 The Alameda, 408 320-2779
  • Alameda Barbeque, 2323 The Alameda, 408 899-4954
  • Cramer's Bagels, 495 El Camino Real #131, 408 246-7580
  • The Hut, 3200 The Alameda, 408 899-4294 
  • Ike's Sandwiches, 2235 The Alameda, 408 244-2034
  • Pizza My Heart, 700 Bellomy St., 408 241-000
  • Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos, 2905 Park, 408 320-1225
  • Round Table Pizza, 2615 The Alameda, 408 248-9123
  • Togo's, 1000 Lafayette St., 408 249-4723 
  • Wicked Chicken, 2565 The Alameda, 408 246-9464
  • Wrap This! Mediterranean Cuisine, 2281 The Alameda, 408 246-9727

Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: North Dining Plaza (O'Connor Hall)
Food trucks accept dining plans, flex points and credit cards.

January 11: I Love Cheesesteak
January 18: Aki-ta Sushi
January 25: Fire and Rice
February 1: Aki-ta Sushi
February 8: I Love Cheesesteak
February 15: tbd
February 22: Fire and Rice
March 1: Aki-ta Sushi
March 8: I Love Cheesesteak
March 15: tbd


Menus & Hours


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