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Early or Regular Decision

There are three admission tracks at SCU: Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision.

If you are uncertain which one will work best for you, your family or high school counselor may be able to help you decide. For all admission-related deadlines, review our Key Deadlines.

Early Decision (ED) Deadline: Nov. 1

The Early Decision (ED) option is for applicants who have decided that Santa Clara University is their first choice and who are committed to enrolling at Santa Clara University if accepted. As many of our alumni’s children and grandchildren apply, ED is a great option to showcase interest. Applicants with alumni ties will receive the most consideration for their affiliation with the University during the ED process.

Early Decision is a binding admission program. By applying ED, you are making a commitment to enroll if admitted to SCU. You may not submit Early Decision applications to other institutions.

You may apply to other Early Action programs, but must agree to promptly withdraw your application from all other institutions if admitted to SCU.

Decisions for students applying ED are mailed in late December. The enrollment deposit deadline for admitted ED applicants is January 7. Denied applicants are not reconsidered during Regular Decision.

Early Action (EA) Deadline: Nov. 1

Early Action is a non-binding admission program that allows you to get an admission decision sooner. Admission decisions include: admit, deferred to Regular Decision, or denied.

Early Action applicants are not limited to just applying to Santa Clara but must ensure adherence to the program rules of other colleges. Decisions are mailed to students in late December. If admitted in Early Action, applicants have until May 1 to accept or decline enrollment. Denied applicants are not reconsidered during Regular Decision.

Regular Decision (RD) Deadline: Jan. 7

Regular Decision is a non-binding admission program. It is the standard method of applying to a university and allows us to consider your full first semester or second trimester senior-year grades in our evaluation.

Regular Decision applicants are notified of their admission status via mail by April 1.