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First-Year or Transfer Applicant?

Should you apply to SCU as a first-year or transfer applicant?

Students should apply as a first-year student if:

  • they have recently graduated from high school and have not enrolled full time at another university or college
  • they were dual enrolled and receiving college credit (regardless of unit total) but their main school of enrollment was their high school or homeschool program
  • they graduated from high school or completed their GED and have enrolled in less than 8 semester or 12 quarter transferable units at an accredited college or university post-graduation/GED completion

Students should apply as a transfer student if they have graduated from high school more than 2 years ago or have over 8 semester units/12 quarter units.

We offer a winter start and fall start option for both first-year and transfer applicants. See the application requirements for first-year students and transfer students for more information about the process.