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Adza, Mickey

Mickey Adza '49
  • Sport: Football
  • Years Attended: 1945-1949
  • Inducted in 1983

An All-Star on and off the field, Adza was involved in just about every aspect of Santa Clara student life. He is most recognized for his success as a Center on the Football field from 1945-1949, but Adza also tried his hand at Basketball and Track, even intramural Handball, proving his athletic prowess was not just relevant on the football field. The boy from Loyola High School in Los Angeles, was VP of Student Congress, ASUSC President, Block “SC” Prelect, Solidarity Treasurer and a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, Sanctuary Society, Choir, Glee Club, B.A.A, and “The Santa Clara”. Adza is a Bronco through and through.

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