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Our Scholarships

The Bronco Bench Foundation proudly supports Santa Clara University student athletes year-round. A cornerstone of our foundation has been our Endowment Program. We've partnered with numerous families and organizations to establish endowments which fund 17 scholarships each academic year.

Our scholarships are divided into three categories - Endowed, Living, and Honorary. 

Endowed Scholarships are donor gifts that are invested in the University Endowment and provide an annual payout to support athletic scholarships. 

Living Scholarships are donated by individuals and are considered expendable (current use) funds that are used to support athletic scholarships (not invested in the Endowment).

Memorial Scholarships are established by the Bronco Bench to honor individuals, and are supported annually through Bronco Bench gift funds. 

Endowed Scholarships

Established 6/3/2010. "To provide scholarships to student-athletes who have "walked on" to one of SCU's athletic programs without having received athletic financial assistance in their freshman year, and having performed at an academic and athletic level as to merit receiving scholarship assistance after their first year at SCU."

Elle Fredrickson WPOLO (2021-2024)

Adam Low MPOLO (2019-2021)

Reilley May MPOLO (2017-2019)

Evan Chang MPOLO (2014-2016)

Danny Maeda MSOC (2011-2013)

Curtis Wagner BASE (2010-2011)

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Established 1990. One football student-athlete. If football discontinued, then BBF to determine use giving special consideration to intramural and rec. programs.

Bethany Shih SOFT (2023- Present)

Lauren Shew WGOLF (2022-2024)

Ashley Trierweiler SOFT (2019-2023)

Skyler May WGOLF (2021-2022)

Emily Sumner WGOLF (2017-2021) 

Emily Jensen WSOC (2016-2017)

Kathryn Speidel WSOC (2012-2015)

Krista Kelley VOL (2009-2011)

Megan Pura VOL (2006-2007)

Toni Muratore VOL (2004-2005)

Devvyn Hawkins WSOC (2003)

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Annie Karich WSOC (2022-2024)

Alex Klos WSOC (2022-2024)

Jake Ensminger MBB (2022-2024)

Cade Pilchard BASE (2022-2024)

Marika Guay WSOC (2018-2022) 

Alexis Loera WSOC (2017-2022)

Michael Mugan BASE (2021-2022)

PJ Pipes MBSKT (2021-2022)  

Guglielmo Caruso MBSKT (2018-2021)

Holden Bernhardt BASE (2018-2021)


Established 12/21/95 by Arline and Thomas J. Bannan Foundation. The funds were created to provide scholarships regardless of need to student athletes of academic and athletic excellence who best exemplify the tradition of SCU. Same students for 4 years if possible in Division I.

Christoph Tilly MBSKT (2022-2024)

Danja Stafford WBSKT (2020-2023)

Miguel Tomley MBSKT (2019-2022) 

Jack Avrit MGOLF (2017-2019)

Nicole Hess VOL (2014-2017)

Andi Toskanoski WSOC (2014-2015)

Yannick Atanga MBSKT (2010-2015)

Alyssa Anderson VOL (2013-2015)

Evan McLeod MGOLF (2014)

Carlos Montes MSOC (2011-2014)

Kayla Lammori VOL (2010-2013)

Ronald Monaco MGOLF (2010-2013)

Olivia Klei WSOC (2009-2013)

Larry Jackson MSOC (2009-2010)

Samantha Selsky VOL (2009-2010)

Troy Alexander MBSKT (2009-2010)

Tyler Ichikawa MGOLf (2007-2010)

Brian Martin MSOC (2007-2008)

Megan McCray WSOC (2007-2008)

Caroline Walters VOL (2006-2008)

Mitch Henke MBSKT (2005-2008)

Randahl Capurro WPOLO (2006-2007)

Jong Yoon MGOLF (2006-2007)

Erik Ustruck MSOC (2005-2007)

Lauren Zealear WSOC (2004-2007)

Alyssa Lantz VOL (2003-2005)

Alyssa Sobolik WSOC (2003-2005)

Ryan Purtell MSOC (2003-2005)

Megan Kakadelas WSOC (2003-2005)

Jessica Balweg WSOC (2003-2005)

Veronica Zepeda WSOC (2003-2004)

Ryan Cochrane MSOC (2003-2004)

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This fund shall provide scholarships for student athletes participating in the University’s intercollegiate NCAA golf program, with a preference for female athletes participating in the University’s NCAA women’s golf program.

Rachael Wang WGOLF (2023-present)

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Kaylee Volner XC/TRACK (2022-2024) 

Kayla Neumann XC/TRACK (2018-2022) 

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Collin Peattie MXC/Track (2023-present)

Harvey Chilcott XC/TRACK (2019-2023)

Aaron Brumbaugh XC/TRACK (2016-2019)

Mary Kriege XC/TRACK (2014-2015)

Mary Reynolds XC/TRACK (2009-2013)

Carey Parker XC/TRACK (2009-2011)

Veronica Vasquez XC/TRACK (2007)

Noelle Lopez XC/TRACK (2006-2008)

Jacqueline Morales SOFT (2006-2008)

Eric Irvine MSOC (2005)

Micaela Esquivel WSOC (2004-2005)

Lana Bowen WSOC (2003-2005)

Kirk Fonseca MSOC (2003-2004)

Ronald Magsaysay MSOC (203)

Burke Ewers MSOC (2003)

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Established 2000. For needy and worthy student-athletes with a preference for baseball.

Caden Wooster BASE (2023-present)

Nick Bacura BASE (2021-2023)

Matt Erickson BASE (2018-2021) 

Zach Walsh BASE (2017-2018)

Kyle Czaplak BASE (2014-2016)

Pat Stover BASE (2009-2013)

Chris Morton BASE (2007-2008)

Sean O'Neill BASE (2006-2007)

Anthony Rea BASE (2005)

Andrew Slorp BASE (2003-2004)

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Established 1990. Scholarship fund for athletic, needy, student to be awarded by SCU president with counsel from BBF.

Velizara Fileva WTEN (2023-present)

JennaMarie Gordon WTEN (2021-2024)

Jamie Schroer WTEN (2018-2022) 

Madison Pothoff WTEN (2017-2021)

Robert Seby MTEN (2016-2019)

Zeina El Tawil WTEN (2016-2018)

Francesca Puccinelli (2016-2017)

Delphine Rouvillois WTEN (2016)

Ashot Khschsryan MTEN (2016)

Erin Sheridan WPOLO (2014-2016)

Gianna Ruggerioli VOL (2015)

Stephanie Clements WPOLO (2013)

Chris D'Arienzo MPOLO (2013)

Patrick Weiss MPOLO (2013)

Laura Espinosa WPOLO (2009-2012)

Blane Shields MTEN (2007-2008)

Andrea Kwong WTEN (2007)

Kevin McQuaid (2006-2007)

Taylor Bedilion (2005)

Casey Knutson WTEN (2004-2007)

Rick Ruso MTEN (2003-2004)

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Established 6/30/03. Financial assistance to deserving student athletes

Brandon Gomez BASE (2023-present)

Thomas Gould BASE (2021-2023)

Kenny DeCelle BASE (2020-2021)

Kristin Holmen WSOC (2019-2020)

Travis Howard BASE (2016-2019)

Rory Graf-Brennen BASE (2014-2015)

Justine Viele BASE (2010-2013)

Ryan Conan BASE (2007-2009)

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Established 2011. Support student-athletes in the SCU golf program. If golf team is disbanded, University may redirect funds elsewhere with preference to the School of Engineering.

Joey Hayden MGOLF (2022-2024)

Zachary Kaneshiro MGOLF (2017-2022) 

Evan McLeod MGOLF (2016-2017)

Carlos Briones MGOLF (2015-2016)  

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Formerly the Regis Athletic Scholarship - name changed 3/23/2009. Financial assistance for scholarships to enhance SCU intercollegiate athletics.

Keegan Rhodes MSOC (2023-present)

Colby Barnett WSOC (2021-2024)

Oladayo Thomas MSOC (2020-2023) 

Julie Doyle WSOC (2017-2021) 

Satoshi Chaffin MSOC (2015-2018)

Ryan Masch MSOC (2014-2017)

Mark Daus MSOC (2013-2014)

Larry Jackson MSOC (2013)

Mark Daus MSOC (2011-2012)

Ryan Herman MSOC (2011-2012)

Mykell Bates MSOC (2009-2011)

Erik Hurtado MSOC (2009-2011)

Jeff Cosgriff MSOC (2007-2008)

Jide Ogunbiyi MSOC (2007-2008)

Amaechi Igwe MSOC (2006-2007)

Cynthia Hirsch VOL (2003)

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Established 1993. BBF Scholarship.

Irene Nagasaka XC/TRACK (2021-2024)

Spencer Fischer XC/TRACK (2018-2021) 

Eleanor Kopf XC/TRACK (2017-2021)

Zachary Litoff XC/TRACK (2017-2021) 

Joseph Berriatua XC/TRACK (2014-2018)

Matt Mosier XC/TRACK (2013)

Austin Jones XC/TRACK (2011-2012)

Erin McCarthy XC/TRACK (2011-2012)

Stephanie Wilson XC/TRACK (2010-2011)

Robbie Reid XC/TRACK (2009-2011)

Anne Murphy-Hagan XC/TRACK (2007-2010)

Garrett Smith XC/TRACK (2006-2008)

Shannon Bell XC/TRACK (2005-2007)

Katie Hansen XC/TRACK (2005)

Robin Bell XC/TRACK (2005)

Milena Basile XC/TRACK (2003-2004)

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Established 2018. For student-athletes pursuing an undergraduate degree in Engineering. 

Bailey McLaughlin SOFT (2023-present)

Nick Cmager MTEN (2019-2023)

Give to this Fund

Established 11/11/05. To support student-athletes at SCU with preference to history majors in good academic standing.

Kinsey Hall XC/TRACK (2020-2024)

Greta Anderson XC/TRACK (2019-2020)

Keegan McCarville BASE (2018-2019) 

Eric Lex BASE (2015-2018)

Luca Signore MXC (2013-2014)

Evan Bristine BASE (2013-2014)

Kacie Wagner WTEN (2010-2012)

Katherine Reynolds WSOC (2009-2010)

Elizabeth Doran WBSKT (2006-2008)

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Established 1988. Student-athlete interested in the healing arts or in education.

Martin Kwende Jr. MSOC (2023-present)

Blake Gillingham MSOC (2021-2023)

Sofia Jones WSOC (2017-2021)

Jenna Roering WSOC (2014-2017)

Meleana Shim WSOC (2011-2013)

Zoe Jeffers WSOC (2010-2011)

Alexa Orand WSOC (2007-2010)

Marian Dalmy WSOC (2005-2007)

Chardonnay Poole WSOC (2003-2004)

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Established 1981.Quasi-endowed fund provides a $1,000 scholarship for men's bsketball. Factors to be considered - financial need, personal character, leadership ability, and basketball skills. Donor to be advised of awardee.

Jonathan Berring BASE (2020-2024)

Alex Tisminezky MBSKT (2018-2020) 

Emmanuel Ndumanya MBSKT (2017-2018)

Brendyn Taylor MBSKT (2016-2017)

Jalen Richard MBSKT (2014-2015)

Marc Trasolini MBSKT (2009-2013)

Okechukwu Mbanugo MBSKT (2005-2008)

Ethan Rhode MBSKT (2004)

Ricky Brackett XC/TRACK (2003)

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Established 6/6/03.

Rebecca Rubio SOFT (2023-present)

Finley Kalinic WTEN (2021-2024)

Zoe Straughn WSFT (2021-2022)

Allyson Ferreira WSFT (2018-2021) 

Madison Clarke WTEN (2016-2021)

Ellie Fisher SOFT (2015-2018)

Danielle Zinn VOL (2015)

Sarah Jackson WSOC (2010-2014)

Tom Pham MTEN (2010-2012)

Kacie Wagner WTEN (2009-2010)

Jay Wong MTEN (2007-2010)

Myra Davoudi WTEN (2006-2008)

Brian Brogan MTEN (2006-2007)

Quinn Thomas WBSKT (2003-2005)

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Established 1996. To support female student-athletes on the Golf team.

Inara Sharma WGOLF (2022-2024)

Claire Choi WGOLF (2018-2023)

Jordan Salisbury WGOLF (2021-2021)

Naomi Wong WGOLF (2018-2021)

Kristin Le WGOLF (2017-2018)

Kyleigh Moreno WGOLF (2017-2018)

Meghan Shain WGOLF (2015-2016)

Taylor Gentzkow WGOLF (2015-2016)

Brooke Stephens WGOLF (2013-2014)

Taylor Camany WGOLF (2011-2014)

Erin Sullivan WGOLF (2009-2010)

Jennifer Nelson WGOLF (2006-2008)

Courtney Dimpel WGOLF (2003-2005)

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Established 1997. Bronco Bench Scholarship for student-athletes.

Avery Seva SOFT (2023-present)

Anna Stucchi VOL (2021-2024)

Regan Dias SOFT (2021-2023)

Lauren Schiek SOFT (2020-2021)

Haley Flanagan VOL (2019-2021)

Andre Nnebe BASE (2016-2019) 

Lauren Schiek SOFT (2017-2020) 

Kimberly Goulart SOFT (2015-2017)

Braden Frankfort BASE (2015-2016)

Katie Le WTEN (2013-2014)

Jessica Turner SOFT (2011-2014)

Kaitlyn Raushnot SOFT (2009-2010)

Lauren Passafuime SOFT (2006-2008)

Kelley Johnson SOFT (2005)

Jennifer Ponzo SOFT (2003-2004)

Give to this Fund

Established 10/27/05 

Libby Slater WPOLO (2021-2024)

Lauren Dillon WPOLO (2017-2021) 

Kathryn Burke WPOLO (2016-2017)

Elizabeth Anderson WPOLO (2015-2016)

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Established 1999. Men's basketball scholarship selected on the basis of commitment to athletic excellence and demonstrated qualities of leadership, integrity, competitiveness, and work ethic.

Jalen Benjamin MBSKT (2023-2024)

Parker Braun MBSKT (2021-2023)

Juan Ducasse MBSKT (2018-2021)

Matthew Turner MBSKT (2017-2018) 

Evan Wardlow MBSKT (2015-2017)

Evan Roquemore MBSKT (2011-2014)

Robert Smith MBSKT (2009-2010)

Zach Tiedeman MBSKT (2007-2008)

Brandon Rohe MBSKT (2003-2007)

Give to this Fund

Established 1883 as the South Bay professional Insurance Agents scholarship. 2/12/99 Donor changed name to the Ronald L. and Janice M. Junkin Endowed Scholarship. Name changed again on 1/9/06 to the current name. Explicit purpose is to support scholarships for student-athletes participating in varsity golf. Alternates annually between men and women.

Cameron Kaiser MGOLF (2022-2024)

Borina Sutikto WGOLF (2021-2024)

Johnny Ward MGOLF (2020-2022)

Sarah Busey WGOLF (2018-2021) 

Alexander Conley MGOLF (2019-2020)

Devrath Das MGOLF (2016-2019)

Grace Fitzgerald WGOLF (2017-2020)

Andrew Miller MGOLF (2013-2016)

Colin Gunstream MGOLF (2011-2012)

Scott Tavers MGOLF (2010-2011)

James Cacho MGOLF (2006-2010)

Give to this Fund

Established 2015

Guillaume Dalmasso MTEN (2023-present)

Mann Shah MTEN (2019-2023)

Andrew Gu MTEN (2016-2019)

Ilya Osintsev MTEN (2015) 

Give to this Fund

Blake Martin MXC/TRACK (2023)

Jorge Estrella XC/TRACK (2018-2023) 

Andrew Melendez XC/TRACK (2015-2018)

Give to this Fund

Established 3/7/91. To be awarded to four or more undergraduates annually. One from each college and one student athlete. Bronco Bench Foundation gets 25% of the total payout to assist a deserving student-athlete.

Farah Walters WSOC (2023-present)

Michael O'Hara BASE (2023-2024)

Keren Goor WSOC (2019-2023)

Dawson Brigman BASE (2018-2023) 

Luke Tillman BASE (2018-2020) 

Cade Negley BASE (2017-2018)

Mark Ready BASE (2017-2018) 

Cynthia Navis WGOLF (2016-2017)

Matt Godar MPOLO (2014-2017)

Haci McCartan WGOLF (2014-2015)

Allison Norris WPOLO (2010-2013)

Jennifer Knutson WPOLO (2007-2010)

Liam Farrell MPOLO (2007-2008)

Catherine Radvanyi WPOLO (2004-2007)

Kevin Starry MPOLO (2004-2007)

Kelley Mays WPOLO (2003)

Becky Hong WPOLO (2003)

Give to this Fund

Established 1991. Preference of men's basketball, soccer, or baseball. Student-athlete must have completed one year at SCU, have a 3.0 or better cum GPA, and is viewed by coaches as exemplifying SCU traditions, qualities of leadership, integrity, competitiveness, and work ethic.

Francisco Caffaro MBSKT (2023-2024)

Julia Sangiacomo VB (2019-2023)

Martin Aasen MSOC (2018-2019)

Jonathan Jarrett MSOC (2016-2018)

Mitchell White BASE (2016)

Michael Westra BASE (2015)

Julian Clarke MBSKT (2012-2014)

Benjamin Dowdell MBSKT (2007-2011)

Ethan Rhode MBSKT (2005)

James Howell MBSKT (2004)

Scott Dougherty MBSKT (2006-2007)

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Athletics: The purpose of this endowment fund is to support a current Division 1 student-athlete with a preference to fund first, women’s basketball, and if that is not available women’s soccer.

Marya Hudgins WBSKT (2023-present)

Give to this Fund

Established 12/8/11. To support student athletes with financial needs. Preference to baseball.

Ben Cleary BASE (2023-present)

Efrain Manzo BASE (2020-2023)

Brandon Buckley BASE (2017-2020)

Ryan Budnick BASE (2016)

C.J. Jacobe BASE (2015)

Give to this Fund

Any student-athlete.

Madison Naro WBSKT (2023-present)

Ashlee Maldonado WBSKT (2019-2023)

Katie Harris WBSKT (2020-2022) 

Sam Smith BASE (2020-2021)

Ethan Heinrich BASE (2018-2021) 

Alex Anthony VOL (2018-2019) 

Naomi Jimenez WBSKT (2016-2020)

Annie Eldredge WPOLO (2016-2019)

Hailey Lindberg VOL (2016-2018)

Anthony Boetto BASE (2017-2018)

Sydni Estrella WPOLO (2016)

Brooke Gallaway WBKST (2013-2016)

Katy Schatzman VOL (2014-2015)

Julia Peters WPOLO (2014-2015)

Kaliegh Durkett VOL (2013)

Katy Schatzman VOL (2011-2015)

Bridget O'Hara VOL (2009-2012)

Allie Vernon WSOC (2009-2011)

Jordan Angeli WSOC (2007)

Lauryn Dowd VOL (2006-2008)

Kayla Huss WBSKT (2004-2005)

Michael Thompson BASE (2003)

Give to this Fund

Established 4/3/97. Bronco Bench scholarship.

Kosy Akametu MBSKT (2023-present)

Camaron Tongue MBSKT (2021-2024)

Giordan Williams MBSKT (2019-2023)

Ezekiel Richards MBSKT (2018-2021)

Julian Roche MBSKT (2017-2018)

Matthew Hubbard MBSKT (2015-2016)

Seaver Whalen BASE (2014)

Adeniyi Harrison MBSKT (2010-2013)

Jon Gunderson MBSKT (2006-2007)

Tristan Parham MBSKT(2006-2007)

Travis Niesen MBSKT (2003-2005)

Kyle Bailey MBSKT (2003-2005)

Alex Kargbo MBSKT (2003-2004)

Give to this Fund

Established 2/5/08. California Province of the Society of Jesus and the estate of Thomas Matula '43 who played football, basketball, and baseball. Purpose is to provide financial support for needy and worthy student-athletes with a preference for a sport designated by the President of SCU or his delegate.

Grace Flanagan VOL (2023-present)

Layla Truitt VOL (2022-2024)

Sofia Tulino VOL (2020-2022)

Michelle Shaffer VOL (2018-2022)

Chloe Loreen VOL (2017-2020)

Kirsten Mead VOL (2015-2018)

Daniella Silva WTEN (2015-2017)

Give to this Fund

Established 1997. Division I Baseball student athletes committed to academic and athletic excellence.

Efrain Manzo BASE (2023-present)

Nick Sando BASE (2022-2023)

Julian Tristan BASE (2018-2022) 

Evan Haberle BASE (2015-2018)

Powell Fansler BASE (2010-2014)

Jonathan Hughes BASE (2009-2010)

Donald Brandt BASE (2005-2008)

John Redmond BASE (2003-2004)

Give to this Fund

Established 1990. Bronco Bench Scholarship

Jordan Lewis BASE (2023-present)

Skylar Hales BASE (2022-2023)

Rowan Trosky BASE (2020-2022)

Connor Henriques BASE (2018-2020) 

John Cresto BASE (2017-2018)

Steve Berman BASE (2014-2016)

Matt Ozanne BASE (2010-2013)

Nathan Garcia BASE (2007-2010)

Michael Stutes BASE (2005)

Justin Ahasic MGOLF (2003-2004)

Give to this Fund

Established 1997. Revised in 1993 to athletics and recreational programs such as underfunded SCU athletic programs like men's and women's golf and tennis, men's soccer and women's softball.

Morgan Salmon SOFT (2021-2024)

Katherine Sanchez SOFT (2017-2021)

Taylor Bojorquez SOFT (2016-2017)

Casandra Padilla SOFT (2015-2016)

Stephanie Fisher SOFT (2013-2014)

Briana Knight SOFT (2010-2012)

Riley McKay SOFT (2009-2010)

Jerrica Castagno SOFT (2006-2008)

Jonathan Edwards MGOLF (2005)

Matt Klenz MGOLF (2005)

Kimberly Daniel WTEN (2004)

Cassie Perret VOL (2003-2004)

JP Doucette MPOLO (2003)

Give to this Fund

Established 1991. Baseball scholarship to one or more student athletes. Annual accounting of the fund from Bronco Bench to donors.

August Souza BASE (2023-2024)

Caden Thompson BASE (2022-2024)

Johnny Taratino BASE (2021-2023)

Skylar Hales BASE (2020-2022)

Cameron Allie BASE (2018-2021)

Brendan Ecklebarger BASE (2018-2020)

Nicholas Holm BASE (2017-2018)

Alex Barden BASE (2015-2017)

Peter Hendron BASE (2015-2016)

Kert Woods BASE (2014)

Peter Hendron BASE (2013-2015)

Chris Mendoza BASE (2013-2014)

Peter Summerville BASE (2011-2014)

Jonathan Graham BASE (2009-2011)

Nathan Faulkner BASE (2004-2008)

Matt Travis BASE (2003)

Give to this Fund

Established 5/2/02. Financial assistance to students who excel academically and demonstrate a financial need. Sport to be designated by the SCU President.

Ian Twyman XC/TRACK (2021-2024) 

James Konugres XC/TRACK (2017-2021) 

Graham McClone MPOLO (2014-2017)

John Nash MPOLO (2013)

Jack Penner MPOLO (2010-2012)

Give to this Fund

Established 1/18/90. Bronco Bench scholarship.

Addie (Addison) Whitehouse WSOC (2023-present)

Chase Raisin MPOLO (2022-2024)

Nicole Sweeney WSOC (2019-2023)

Sean Tehaney MPOLO (2018-2022) 

Taylor Culver WSOC (2017-2019)

John Raineri MPOLO (2014-2018) 

Brittany Ambrose WSOC (2017)

Danielle Weatherholt WSOC (2014-2016)

Tyler Woods WBSKT (2013)

Allie Vernon WSOC (2011-2013)

Colleen Rooney WBSKT (2011-2012)

Michael Wishart MPOLO (2009-2012)

Jenny LaPonte WSOC (2009-2012)

Lena Gipson WBSKT (2010-2011)

Maxine Goynes WSOC (2009-2011)

Rebecca Goll WBSKT (2008-2011)

Nicole Gall WBSKT (2007-2008)

Hayley Siegel WSOC (2007-2008)

Brittany Klein WSOC (2006-2008)

Jack Wall MPOLO (2006-2008)

Julie Ryder WSOC (2005-2007)

Kasey Monteith WBSKT (2004-2007)

Ashley Graham WBSKT (2004-2007)

Whitney Sutak WBSKT (2003-2004)

Scott Lonergan BASE (2003-2005)

James Wallace BASE (2003)

Kendra Rhea WBSKT (2003)

Give to this Fund

Established in 2017 for Men's Golf. 

Jolo Magcalayo MGOLF (2022-2024)

Jack Avrit MGOLF (2019-2022)

Give to this Fund

Established 1/6/09. To recognize academic and athletic achievement by a female student-athlete.

Tess Heal WBSKT (2023-present)

Anna Johnson WBSKT (2022-2023)

Lindsey Van Allen WBSKT (2018-2022)

Taylor Berry WBSKT (2015-2018)

Erika Radanovich WBSKT (2011-2014)

Maggie Goldenberger WBSKT (2009-2010)

Give to this Fund

Richley Family (1986) - Lou Lang Memorial Football Scholarship Fund, Richley Family (1986) - Coach Herm Meister Memorial Football Scholarship Fund, Richley family (1986) - John Justice Memorial Football Scholarship Fund, Richley Family (1986) - Frank Salty Campo Memorial Football Scholarship Fund. Bronco Bench Athletic Scholarships for Football. If football discontinued, to go to any deserving student-athlete.

Richley Family (1983) - Vern Hare Memorial football Scholarship Fund

Richley Family (1983) - Marty Formico Memorial Football Scholarship Fund

Richley Family (1983) - John Duzanica Memorial Football Scholarship Fund

Richley Family (1983) - Len Casanova Football Scholarship Fund 

Lara Edmanson WBSKT (2020-2024) 

Marie Jordaan WGOLF (2020-2024)

Emily Wolph WBSKT (2017-2020)

Tia Hay WBSKT (2018-2020)

Fallou Ndoye MBSKT (2018-2019)

Matthew Hauser MBSKT (2016-2017) 

Morgan McGwire WBSKT (2015-2017)

Maddison Allen WBSKT (2016)

Sidney Rielly WBSKT (2015)

Denzel Johson MBSKT (2012-2015)

Johanna Paine WBSKT (2014)

Ruta Zurauskyte WBSKT (2013-2014)

Ashley Armstrong WBSKT (2013)

Alyssa Shoji WBSKT (2009-2012)

Troy Payne MBSKT (2009-2011)

Chandice Cronk WBSKT (2007-2008)

John Bryant MBSKT (2006-2008)

Anna Martin WBSKT (2006-2007)

Anna Cmaylo VOL (2005)

Becky Potter VOL (2003-2004)

Give to this Fund

Katerina Georgiadias VOL (2020-2024)

Anna McCreadie VOL (2017-2020)

Natasha Calkins VOL (2015-2016)

Montana Walters WBSKT (2014-2015)

Katherine Douglas VOL (2009-2014)

Lindsey Leo WBSKT (2009-2013)

Alex Scoffone VOL (2007-2008)

Claire Goins WBSKT (2006-2008)

Nina Sevastopoulos VOL (2006-2008)

Kim McGiven VOL (2006-2007)

Give to this Fund

Established 1985.

Felix Schaefer MSOC (2022-2024)

Malte Furst MSOC (2022-2024)

Isaac Addai MSOC (2017-2021)

Terrell Smith MSOC (2017-2021) 

Miles Robinson MSOC (2016-2017)

Madison Dutra VOL (2016-2017)

Mariana Galvan WSOC (2016-2017)

Max Ornstill MSOC (2014-2016)

Megan Anders VOL (2010-2014)

Sofia Huerta WSOC (2013-2014)

Alex Fitschen VOL (2013)

Lindsy Davigeadono VOL (2006-2010)

Shannon Linerud SOFT (2004-2005)

Jenny Brown SOFT (2004-2005)

Emma Borst WSOC (2003)

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Established 10/1/08

Tyeree Bryan MBSKT (2023-present)

Christian Hammond MBSKT (2023-present)

Brenton Knapper MBSKT (2021-2024)

Jacob Holt MBSKT (2021-2023)

Carlos Stewart MBSKT (2021-2023)

Trent Hudgens Jr. MBASKT (2020-2021)

Christian Carlyle MBSKT (2020-2021)

DJ Mitchell MBSKT (2018-2021)

Tahj Eaddy MBSKT (2017-2020)

Trey Wertz MBSKT (2018-2020)

Michael Kai Healy MBSKT (2015-2018)

Nathaniel Kratch MBSKT (2013-2017)

John McArthur MBSKT (2011-2014)

Scott Thompson MBSKT (2007-2010)

Brody Angley MBSKT (2006-2008)

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Established 1990. BBF scholarship fund to support student athlete scholarships. To support one scholarship annually. Preference to an outstanding Bellarmine HS graduating senior; in the event not available, scholarship opened to other Jesuit high schools and secondarily to non-Jesuit Catholic high schools.

Herman Aalberg MSOC (2022-2024)

Zach Fales MPOLO (2021-2024)

Sakari Carter MSOC (2018-2022)  

Arvin Bahia MPOLO (2017-2020)

Carlos Delgadillo MSOC (2015-2018)

Jordan Jesolva WSOC (2016-2017)

Megan Crosson WSOC (2013-2016)

Michael Gates MSOC (2011-2014)

Bianca Henninger WSOC (2009-2012)

Jake Rose MSOC (2009-2011)

Kiara Bosio WSOC (2007)

Matthew Hatzke MSOC (2005-2008)

Brittany Lowe VOL (2006-2008)

Bonnie Bowman WSOC (2005-2006)

Joseph Buttitta MSOC (2005)

Peter Moore MPOLO (2005)

Cat Sigler WSOC (2005)

Chris DeMartini MGOLF (2005)

Marian Dalmy WSOC (2004)

Julie Ryder WSOC (2004)

Christina Vick VOL (2004)

Megan Pura VOL (2004)

Jack Headley BASE (2003)

Kim Butler WBSKT (2003)

Julie Butler WBSKT (2003)

Bakari Altheimer MBSKT (2003)

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Hannah Edwards SOFT (2019-2024)

Morgan Modesto SOFT (2016-2019)

Briana Bernard SOFT (2012-2015)

Amanda Edmonson SOFT (2009-2011)

Cedric Latimer MBSKT (2006-2008)

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Established 1997. To support student-athletes in the Men's Soccer program. Revised by written request in 1998 to change from "men only" to include both men and women soccer players. Purpose of the scholarship is to fund student(s) committed to academic and athletic excellence.

Mailin Orozco WSOC (2023-present)

Isabella D'Aquila WSOC (2019-2023)

Myah Baksh WSOC (2017-2019)

Luis Urias MSOC (2016-2017)

Mathew Escobar MSOC (2015-2016)

Jared Hegardt MSOC (2014-2015)

Wes Culver MSOC (2011-2013)

Kevin Klasila MSOC (2010-2011)

Jalil Anibaba MSOC (2009-2010)

Peter Lowry MSOC (2006-2008)

Leslie Osborne WSOC (WSOC)

Allison Wagner WSOC (2003)

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Established 1998. Preferred minority student-athlete in Men's basketball. May be awarded to student-athletes in other sports if no Men's basketball available. Funded by James Starkey and Virginia Harrison.

Malia Latu WBSKT (2023-present)

Lexie Pritchard WBSKT (2018-2023)

Ke'Jhan Feagin MBSKT (2016-2019)

Kyla Martin WBSKT (2016-2018)

Bryson Lockley MBSKT (2016)

Stephen Edwards MBSKT (2015)

Taylor Williams WBSKT (2014-2015)

Robert Garret MBSKT (2011-2014)

Telisha Anderson WBSKT (2009-2013)

Chris Cunningham MBSKT (2009-2011)

Domineek Daniel MBSKT (2006-2008)

Jordan Legge MBSKT (2003-2005)

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Established 2020. Preferred student-athlete in Men's basketball. Funded by Jack and Joan Sullivan.

Johnny O'Neill MBSKT (2023-present)

Brandin Podziemski MBSKT (2022-2023)

Miguel Tomley MBSKT (2020-2022)

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Established 1999. For student athlete(s) in men's basketball. Can be used for other sports if basketball is not available.

Christian Hammond MBSKT (2023-2024)

Carlos Marshall Jr. MBSKT (2022-2023)

Jalen Williams MBSKT (2019-2022)

Henrik Jadersten MBSKT (2016-2019)

Brandon Clark MBSKT (2011-2015)

Michael Santos MBSKT (2009-2011)

Joshua Higgins MBSKT (2006-2008)

Linden Tibbets MBSKT (2003-2005)

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Established 6/21/84. Quasi-Endowment for BBF.

Ashley Hiraki WBSKT (2022-2024)

Lara Edmanson WBSKT (2022-2024)

Bryce Nixon WBSKT (2020-2022)

Ashlyn Herlihy WBSKT (2016-2022)

Oscar Zimmerman MGOLF (2019-2021)

Erica Meyer WBSKT (2017-2020)

Nordin Van Tilburg MGOLF (2018-2020)

Hayden Shieh MGOLF (2015-2018)

Parker Holland MSOC (2015-2017)

Beth Carlson WBSKT (2014-2017)

Nici Gilday WBSKT (2011-2015)

Iman Scott WBSKT (2010-2014)

Noe Villoria WBSKT (2009-2013)

Becca Thomas WBSKT (2009-2011)

Rhianna Faithful WBSKT (2007-2010)

Kelli Parker WBSKT (2007-2008)

Tracey Walker WBSKT (2006-2008)

Ashley Gonnerman WBSKT (2004-2007)

Yasmine Kimyacioglu WBSKT (2004-2007)


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Established 1988. Basketball Scholarship to be managed by the BBF

Luke McEldon MBSKT (2023-present)

Adama-Alpha Bal MBSKT (2023-present)

Jaden Bediako MBSKT (2019-2023)

Keshawn Justice MBSKT (2018-2023)

Jarvis Pugh MBSKT (2014-2018)

Kevin Foster MBSKT (2013)

Andrew Zimmerman MBSKT (2007-2008)

Sean Denison MBSKT (2004-2007)

Scott Borchart MBSKT (2004-2005)

Brad Anderson MBSKT (2003)

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Established 11/9/99. To provide financial assistance to the University's intercollegiate athletic program, preferably baseball. If no baseball program available may award to student-athletes in women's intercollegiate tennis program; other intercollegiate tennis program; other intercollegiate sports. BBF to inform donor of the identities of the recipient(s) as soon as selected.

Victor Martinez BASE (2023-present)

Jared Feikes BASE (2019-2023)

Jordan Baldwin BASE (2018-2019)

Austin Fisher BASE (2015-2018)

Kevin George BASE (2014)

Tommy Nancy BASE (2013)

Lucas Herbst BASE (2010-2012)

Alex Rivers BASE (2007-2010)

Patrick Overholt BASE (2003-2005)

Michael Lange BASE (2003-2005)

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Established 2002. In support of athletic scholarships.

Kosy Akametu  MBSKT (2022-2024)

Caden Buckley MSOC (2021-2024)

Martin Aasen MSOC (2019-2021)

Josip Vrankic MBSKT (2017-2021) 

Jared Brownridge MBSKT (2014-2017)

Emmanuel Ndumanya MBSKT (2014)

Raymond Cowels III MBSKT (2009-2013)

Calvin Johnson MBSKT (2006-2007)

Doron Perkins MBSKT (2004-2005)

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Established 1986. Baseball scholarships. Amount and terms of each scholarship to be determined by Santa Clara.

Coleman Brigman BASE (2022-2024)

Michael Diaz BASE (2020-2022)

Blake Faddoul BASE (2018-2020)

Jacob Brodt BASE (2015-2018)

Kyle Demerrit BASE (2011-2014)

Thomas Medica BASE (2006-2010)

Michael Thompson BASE (2004-2005)

Kayla Huss WBSKT (2003)

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Living Scholarships

Keeley Frawley WBSKT (2023-present)

Ashley Hiraki WBSKT (2020-2024)

Anna Johnson WBSKT (2020-2023)

Marni Murez WGOLF (2017-2020)

Lauren Yearwood WBSKT (2017-2020)

Marie Bertholdt WBSKT (2014-2017)

Annie Freman WGOLF (2014-2017)

Carlos Miguel Briones MGOLF (2013)

Meagan Fulps WBSKT (2009-2013)

Tamara Surtees WGOLF (2009-2012)

Kimmee Geoggel WBSKT (2007-2008)

Corey Utsurogi WGOLF (2006-2008)

Brittany Purvis WBSKT (2006-2008)

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Isaac Hawthorne BASE (2023-present)

Caden Connolly BASE (2020-2022)

Alex Reelfs MBASE (2018-2021)

Jacob Putnam BASE (2019-2020)

Nicholas Sampson BASE (2018-2019) 

Michael Bono BASE (2015-2018)

Steven Wilson BASE (2014-2017)

Taylor Braff BASE (2013-2014)

Quinton Perry BASE (2011-2013)

Ryan Rieger BASE (2009-2010)

Mark Willinsky BASE (2006-2008)

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Lauren Shew WGOLF (2020-2024)

Chloe Wong WGOLF (2016-2020)

Ashley Noda WGOLF (2014-2016)

Lexi Williamson VOL (2009-2013)

Miki Ueoka WGOLF (2007-2008)

Samantha Trask WGOLF (2006-2008)

Anna Cmaylo VOL (2006-2008)

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Honorary Scholarships

Cairah Curran SOFT (2023-present)

Emma Ellinghouse WBSKT (2020-2023)

Madison Piper WBSKT (2017-2020)

Nabila Farah WTEN (2016-2017)

Chelby Cooke WTEN (2014-2016)

Maggie McGeorge WTEN (2009-2013)

Lindsay McBride WTEN (2007-2008)

Stephanie Galainena WTEN (2005-2007)

Janelle Kaloi WTEN (2004-2005)

Christine Limbers WTEN (2002-2003)

Kristin Franklin WBSKT (1998-2001)

Maria Gonzales SOFT (1996-1998)

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Established 9/22/05.

Katie Castelli XC/TRACK (2021-2024)

Janie Nabholz XC/TRACK (2017-2021)

Hannah Covington XC/TRACK (2018-2021)

Hannah Wood XC/TRACK (2016-2018)

Heather LaPlante XC/TRACK (2016-2017)

Cooper Roach XC/TRACK (2015-2016)

Anthony Ferrari XC/TRACK (2013-2015)

Ben Demaree XC/TRACK (2011-2014)

Luca Signore XC/TRACK (2011-2012)

Chris Sampson XC/TRACK (2009-2011)

Alex Harkins XC/TRACK (2009-2010)

AJ Blumel XC/TRACK (2006-2008)

Michael DeLaurenti XC/TRACK (2006-2008)

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