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Alaimo, Samuel

Samuel Alaimo '47
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Unit Commander US Army WWII
  • Coach and Semi-Pro Player for Sacramento Senators
  • Inducted in 1965

Samuel Alaimo was a member of Santa Clara University’s Class of ’44. This class is also known as the “Fightin 40s” as most of the class had to leave the University because they enlisted or were drafted during WWII. While stationed in the Philippines and Japan, Alaimo was trained as an officer and became Unit Commander in Field Artillery. In his spare time on base, he was both a coach and a key player on the military basketball team that won the Army Olympics. After the war, he returned to SCU and graduated in 1947. Alaimo then went on to play and coach semi-pro basketball for the Sacramento Senators. 



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