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Barsi, George

George Barsi '30
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Years Attended: 1925-1930
  • Years Coached: 1935-1945
  • Record: 104-63
  • Inducted in 1962

As a student at the University of Santa Clara, Barsi was both an athlete and a coach. He played Standing Guard as a freshman and Running Guard as a sophomore on the Varsity Basketball Team. He captained the teams both his Sophomore and Junior years. Barsi even spent one year as a coach for the Frosh Football team. After graduation, Barsi returned to Santa Clara to coach Basketball from 1935-1945 . During the 10 years Barsi amassed an outstanding record of 104-63. He was one of the first college basketball coaches to teach his players to play a fast break style.


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