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Bedolla, Ernest "Tuck"

Ernest ''Tuck'' Bedolla
  • Sport: Baseball, Track, Football
  • Years Attended: 1921-1925, J.D. 1926
  • Won Gold for Pentathlon at Olympic Trials
  • Navy WWII Veteran
  • Inducted in 1963

Tuck Bedolla was involved in every aspect of SCU student life; he was Student Body President, captain of the baseball team, an incredible football player, track star, and contributor to the Redwood. Outside of athletics, Bedolla was a member of the orchestra and was involved in Dramatics. His long list of accomplishments did not stop there. After graduation, Bedolla went on to win a gold medal in the pentathlon at the Olympic trials. He served in the Navy during WWII, and received a Law degree from Santa Clara in ’26. His success trickled down to later generations as “Tuck” is the first of many athletic Bedollas at Santa Clara: Charles Bedolla ’50 (baseball), Kevin Bedolla ’73, J.D. ’76 (golf), and Kimberly Bedolla ’10 (golf).

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