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Dykes, Harlan

Harlan Dykes
  • Sport: Men’s Basketball
  • Inducted in 1962
  • Years Coached: 1926-1935


Harlan Dykes played a vital role in putting Santa Clara basketball on the map. Dykes started coaching in 1926 where he ran a new type of defense in which revolutionized Santa Clara basketball. He would change the typical 5-man SCU zone defense to an aggressive man to man defense. He also utilized a “cut and pass” system. Both of these were not seen before which helped the Broncos in the 1927-28 season finish 12-2, after many years of mediocre records. Dykes made Santa Clara one of the best teams on the west coast. Dykes coached from 1926-1935, going 101-48. At a time when Santa Clara basketball was not well known, Dykes laid down the foundation for Santa Clara basketball to grow and become what it is today.

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