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Fawke, Philip "Moose"

Philip ''Moose'' Fawke '25
  • Sport: Football
  • Inducted in 1965

Phillip “Moose” Fawke captained the Santa Clara Football team in 1922 and 1924. After the 1924-25 season Coach Kienholz claimed, “Moose Fawke is the greatest captain I have ever coached.” Moose was a blonde-haired giant out of Polytechnic High of San Francisco. He was a fullback with a reputation for line smashing power and developed into the greatest defensive fullback on the coast during his college career. He also recorded victories in the ring as a boxer for the Broncos. A multi-sport athlete, Fawke played guard and led the Bronco basketball team as a four-year varsity player (1921-1925). For his contributions to Santa Clara Athletics, Fawke was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1965. 

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