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Henningsen, Raymond

Raymond Henningsen '67
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Inducted in 1980
  • All-American
  • Second Team All-America
  • 1965 U.S. Sandlot Player of the Year

Henningsen was a highschool All-American before attending Santa Clara. At SCU, he was a star second baseman. In his first year, he was nominated as the 1965 U.S. Sandlot Player of the Year. Henningsen’s junior year he was known to be one of the nation’s most versatile collegiate baseball players. He had a .400 CIBA batting average, which was the league high, while also setting two CIBA batting marks. From this play, he was nominated as an All-American his junior year while being second-team All-American in his senior year. He also batted .287 in his senior year with 26 RBI’s. After SCU, Henningsen was selected by the Washington Senators.

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