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Nally, Joseph

Joseph Nally '50
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Inducted: 1977
  • Years attended: 1946-1950

Joseph Nally was one of the most famous Broncos on how he carried himself and lived everyday in the Jesuit lifestyle. Nally was awarded a full scholarship after he was awarded All-City honors in both track and and baseball. When he arrived at Santa Clara, he chose baseball and became a household name at Santa Clara. Nally was an all-star shortstop for the Broncos, earning the notice of the Yankees who drafted him in 1950. After playing one year for the Yankees, he was called to serve his country in the Korean War. During the war, Joe served as an Army First Lieutenant, which was no surprise since he was natural born leader. After the war, he returned home and began his insurance career. Joseph Nally lived his life always trying to be a man for others from going to Santa Clara to helping people in insurance to lastly just helping any person or organization in need.

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