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Owen, Marvin

Marvin Owen '30
  • Sport: Baseball
  • Inducted in 1962

Marvin Owen, a native to Northern California, played baseball and football for the Broncos in the early 1930’s. Owen excelled at both sports at Santa Clara, but in his senior year he was declared ineligible to play baseball as he had signed an optional contract to play professional baseball for the Seattle Indians. Instead of going pro, Owen stayed at Santa Clara and served as the coach of the Santa Clara baseball team during his senior year, becoming the first player, scout, and coach for Santa Clara’s Baseball team. In 1934, during his stint with the Indians, he turned 33 double-plays at third base, which was in the top 3 for most double-plays turned that season. He also led the American League's third basemen with 202 putouts. Owen is still in the MLB record books for one of the most putouts in a season for a thirdasbeman, with only a few MLB Hall of Famers before him.

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