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Paglia, Joseph

Joseph Paglia '35
  • Sport: Football
  • Inducted in 1974

Joseph “Diamond” Paglia played football for the Broncos, and became famous for his “Coffin Corner” kick. As a student the spotlight quickly was directed on Joe for creating this never before seen on the football field kind of kick. He was able to land it anywhere he chose, usually inside the 5 yard line. He was given the nickname “Diamond”, because of his precision and accuracy that allowed him to pin an opponent to their goal line with just one kick. Paglia’s talent earned him the 1933 Santa Clara MVP after a game against California Berkeley. He pinned the Bears back multiple times, giving their offensive more trouble than the defense. After his football career, he coached a number of teams including the Olympia Senators, the West Seattle Yellowjackets, and the Boeing Aero Mechanics.

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