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Pereira, Mike

Mike Pereira '72

Mike Pereira graduated from Santa Clara in 1972. Pereira began hisfootball officiating career when he became a Division 1 official during the 1982 college football season. His 14 years in collegiate officiating were spent in both the Big West Conference and the Western Athletic Conference (WAC). Throughout his tenure, he officiated eight postseason bowl games, most notably the Aloha Bowl and the Cotton Bowl (twice). In 1996, Pereira moved up to the NFL as a sideline judge, and acted as supervisor of officials in the WAC. After two years in his respective role, he was promoted to NFL Supervisor of Officiating in 1998. In 2001, Pereira became Director of Officiating for the NFL before his promotion to Vice President of NFL Officiating in 2004. Upon retirement from the league in 2009, after 14 years of service, Pereira took a new opportunity with FOX Sports. Within this position, Pereira monitors both NFL and college football games each weekend from the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles. Pereira utilizes his visual access to interact with both studio personalities during the game as well as game crews in stadiums across the country. Pereira’s expertise gives fans and officials alike an opportunity to better understand the rules of the game throughout each broadcast.