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Runfola, Lou

Lou Runfola '79
  • Sport: Boxing
  • Inducted in 1990
  • Years Attended: 1976-1979
  • 2x Intercollegiate Light Heavyweight Champion
  • 1978 National Amateur Heavyweight Champion

Lou Runfola was gold glove boxer at Santa Clara. Runfola originally came to SCU on a football scholarship, yet his talents in the ring surpassed him on the football field. Runfola was first noticed when Lou and his teammate made it to the National Prominence in the novice division in his first year. After that, the accolades started coming in. Lou, while also being voted SCU Athlete of the Year two times, was the two time Intercollegiate Light Heavyweight Champion. A year later Dan Whener and Runfola helped their team to finish third place nationally. Lou with his natural abilities managed to make it to the National Heavyweight Boxing matches where he knocked out the defending champion on the first round and became the 1978 National Amateur Heavyweight Champion.

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