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Schmidt, Henry

Henry Schmidt '31
  • Football Athletic Trainer
  • Years coached: 1927-1977
  • Inducted in 1962
  • Co-Founder of Pacific Coast Trainers Association

Henry “Schmidty” Schmidt was the Santa Clara Athletic Trainer for 50 years. He was there from the Sugar Bowl wins in the 1930’s all the way to Kurt Rambis’ freshman season at SCU. He always made sure Bronco football players were at their best. There was no off season for Schmidt. He worked ten years with the Los Angeles Rams, seven seasons as trainer for the San Francisco 49er’s, 30 years with the East team in the East-West Shrine Game, and several seasons with the Golden State Warriors basketball team. On top of that, he was one of several founders of the Pacific Coast Trainers Association and helped found NATA. Schmidt is not just a Hall of Famer to the University, as the city of Santa Clara dedicated a park to him where they have his “walls of fame”, which include photographs of the many All-Americans and professional players athletes that he has trained.

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