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Sunderland, S.J., Robert

Robert Sunderland, S.J. '50
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Inducted in 1950
  • Athletic Director at University of San Francisco
  • Commissioner of the West Coast Athletic Conference

Sunderland was a former star center of the 1950 Santa Clara basketball team. After basketball, he couldn’t stay away from the Jesuits, so he became a Jesuit priest. If that wasn’t enough for Sunderland, he was the Commissioner of the West Coast Athletic Conference before becoming the Athletic Director for University of San Francisco. As Athletic Director for USF, he played a pivotal role in re-establishing USF’s  basketball program after the fall of the USF basketball program in the 1950’s. After being the athletic director for 6 years, Sunderland resigned and became USF’s alumni chaplin until his death.

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