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Willet, John A.

John A. Willett '61
  • Sport: Boxing
  • Inducted: 1975
  • Years attended: 1957-1961
  • Bronze at The 1960 Boxing Finals
  • 1961 Regional Boxing Champion
  • All-American
  • 1990 Santa Claran of the Year

John Willett was a natural born boxer at heart which earned him many accolades during his time at Santa Clara. During Willett’s Junior year, he won a bronze medal in the 1960 boxing finals, and came back next year as the the 1961 Regional Boxing Champion. In the same year, John was not only captain of the 1961 Santa Clara Boxing team by going 7-1, but also became the first person in Santa Clara boxing history to receive All-American honors. After Santa Clara, Willett continued his education at UCLA, earning an MBA in 1967. After school, John served as captain of the 1st Infantry Division in the U.S. Army for two years and then six years as active reserve with the Army Security Agency. After John’s service to our country, he came back to Santa Clara where the accolades for him didn't stop. John became president of Santa Clara University Alumni Association and later was awarded the Santa Claran of the Year in 1990.

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