Student Life

Santa Clara students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as part of their total development. The primary educational objective in supporting student activities and organizations is to foster a community that is enriched by men and women of diverse backgrounds, wherein freedom of inquiry and expression enjoys high priority.

Graduate Business Student Life

Outside the classroom, graduate business students can develop new interests and broaden their networks of SCU students and alumni by participating in student life activities. The Graduate Business Programs Student Life team provides a richer graduate business experience for the student body by organizing quarterly signature events, professional development programs, and social networking opportunities. Additionally, the Student Life staff is responsible for supporting the programming efforts of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the graduate business student clubs.

Graduate Business students can take advantage of all of the Graduate Business student life activities, which include but are not limited to:

  • Student network events

  • Career management seminars

  • Career fairs

  • Career counseling

  • End-of-quarter networking socials

  • Academic awards and recognition

Leadership Opportunities

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The Graduate Student Association is comprised of all student club presidents, the GSA Chair, and Vice Chairs. Together, the GSA leadership team plans and executes events and activities for all graduate business students.

GBP Student Clubs

The purpose of Santa Clara University Graduate Business Networks is to:

  • Promote, coordinate, and implement student activities

  • Strengthen channels of communication among students, faculty, and administration of the Leavey School of Business, the University community, and the Silicon Valley Business community

  • Enrich the co-curricular and extracurricular aspects of student life in the Graduate Business Programs Develop and enhance the leadership skills of network student presidents.

GBP Student Networks accomplish this by offering graduate business students a variety of opportunities to network with classmates, alumni, and industry professionals through panels and presentations. Students create the networks with the support, guidance, and direction of the GBP Student Life team. Networks hold meetings twice a quarter and members are expected to attend at least four of six meetings during the academic year. All graduate business students and alumni are eligible to participate as members in the Networks.

Current active networks include:

  • Business Analytics and Data Science (BAnDs)

  • Supply Chain Management Association

  • Women in Business Network

  • Entrepreneurs Connection

  • Finance Club

  • Sustainable Technologies and Innovation Club

  • JD/MBA Network

  • Healthcare Club

  • Net Impact

  • Consulting Club

  • Ambassador Club

All graduate business students are encouraged to join at least one club in order to maximize their experience at Santa Clara University. For more information, contact the GBP Student Life team at: gbpstudentlife\

New Student Orientation Program

The Graduate Business Programs Office offers orientation programs designed to acquaint graduate students with the resources and tools they need to succeed while attending Santa Clara University. These workshops are held in fall, and spring quarters for MBA, MSBA, and MSF students, fall and winter quarters for MSIS students.New MBA and M.S. students participate in sessions that prepare them for graduate programs. These sessions educate and sensitize students to the overall structure of their respective curricula and its rigors and demands. The sessions also provide overviews of general administrative procedures for each program.

During these workshops, new MBA and M.S. candidates have an opportunity to learn about academic and co-curricular activities within the School of Business.

Campus life

Campus Ministry

Fostering the University's mission to develop the whole person, Campus Ministry offers a variety of programs and opportunities where faith may be explored, discovered, and developed. The Campus Ministry team is committed to supporting the spiritual and personal growth of all students, regardless of faith tradition, if any, and a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

The team consists of ten full-time members, eleven resident ministers residing in residence halls, and sixteen student interns. Campus Ministry offers the University community a variety of programs: liturgies, other sacramental celebrations, retreats, discussion groups, Christian Life Communities (CLCs), Bible study, ecumenical and interfaith gatherings, social justice events, counseling and spiritual direction. Campus Ministry also supports religiously-affiliated student clubs, including those for Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Orthodox students.

Please visit our website or stop by our office in Benson Center.

Student Media


KSCU is a student-run, non-commercial radio station at 103.3 FM. The program format features primarily independent music, including indie rock, punk, ska, jazz, blues, and reggae. Students may get involved with the radio station as a staff member or as a volunteer disc jockey, office assistant, fundraiser, or sound technical staff. The staff of KSCU operates all aspects of an FM radio station in accordance with SCU's mission and goals, and Federal Communications Commission regulations.

The Redwood

SCU's yearbook strives to maintain proper journalistic guidelines while producing an accurate and quality book for the University community. Entirely student run, with the aid of a faculty advisor, The Redwood offers paid and volunteer positions in writing, design, and photography. Students at-large are encouraged to participate by contributing to the yearbook.

Santa Clara Review

A student-edited literary magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art, the Santa Clara Review is published biannually, drawing on submissions from SCU students, faculty, staff, and writers outside of SCU. The Santa Clara Review is committed to the development of student literary talent, in both editorial knowledge and creative writing skills. Students may get involved with the magazine in several staff positions and with opportunities to volunteer in the areas of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and management.

The Santa Clara

The Santa Clara is the University's undergraduate weekly newspaper, serving as an informative and entertaining student-run campus publication. Students may get involved in a staff position or as a volunteer writer, photographer, or member of the business staff.

Student Resources and Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services offers mental health services to all students. The mission of the services is to support the developmental growth of students in ways that enable them to become more effective in their personal, academic, and social functioning. Counseling helps students address psychological issues that may affect their successful participation in the learning community. Among the psychosocial and developmental issues that students work on with their counselors are depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, disturbed sleep or eating behaviors, acculturation, academic motivation, homesickness, family concerns, intimacy, and sexuality. The services are confidential and include individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling, and psycho-educational programs. Students are eligible for up to 10 individual counseling sessions per academic year. There is no charge for the first six sessions, a $20 charge for sessions 7--10, and $30 for sessions over 10. There is no charge for all group counseling and psycho-educational programs.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides quality, accessible, and convenient medical care to Santa Clara students. The Health Services provides primary medical care, physicals, diagnosis of illness and injuries, immunizations, gynecological examinations, limited in-house pharmacy, and referral to specialists when needed. The Health Services staff includes a physician, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, and medical assistants. In addition, a psychiatrist, registered dietician, and physical therapy assistant are each available on a part-time basis.

The Student Health Services charge nominal fees for visits, laboratory work, medications, medical equipment, and other specialized services. Students are seen on an appointment basis and usually can be seen the same day, if an appointment is requested in the morning. The center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday when classes are in session. When the Health Services is closed, there is an advice nurse available by phone and volunteer student emergency medical technicians who can visit students on campus. The center is closed from mid-June to mid-August.

All students must carry health insurance, either their own personal plan or the University-sponsored plan. Graduate students who use the Student Health Services must pay a health fee of $90 per quarter to be seen. Graduate students who purchase the University health insurance do not have to pay the $90 per quarter Student Health Services fee. Please call the insurance coordinator at 408-554-2379 for further information.

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