Global Business Perspectives

Global Business Perspectives are one- to two- week intensive courses examining the contemporary and dynamic global business environment. These courses provide intensive first-hand experience of global markets and products, leading to action and engagement, while students observe the challenges of overcoming cultural and local factors working against globalization. Students will better understand the global context of business and the human impact at hand, while being equipped with the skills to begin to address such issues in Silicon Valley and abroad. The Global Business Perspectives courses are electives and may count toward concentrations, depending on topics covered.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of a Global Business Perspectives Program, students will be able to:

  • Recognize, classify and express different cultural patterns of significance to business and commerce

  • Compare and contrast the social, legal, and political aspects of international business environments

  • Evaluate the business risk facing US organizations operating abroad and foreign organizations operating in the US

  • Express and evaluate ethical issues associated with global business, through analysis and reflection

Application Requirements

Global Business Perspectives enrollment is through an application process. Students must complete an application and meet all requirements to be considered for a course.

Note: Students will be charged the registration deposit only if the application is accepted. Deposit is non-refundable unless the program is canceled.

Participation Requirements

All students are expected to meet the following requirements at the time of application, as well as throughout the period leading up to and including the designated Global Business Perspectives course:

  • Minimum of two quarters residency in the MBA program

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0

  • Completion of all prerequisite course(s) prior to first day of Global Business Perspectives course(s)

  • Good standing within the University

Participation Limitation

Students may participate in a maximum of two Global Business Perspectives courses in their MBA program.


Students are responsible for submitting payment of all travel-related administrative fees prior to travel component.

Withdrawal from Program

Students who no longer wish to participate in a Global Business Perspectives course must notify the Graduate Business Programs Office in writing and will be responsible for the non-refundable deposit. Students also may be responsible for travel-related administrative fees depending on the timeliness of the notification to the travel component. Students agree to be charged the non-refundable deposit at time of application.

Course Cancellation

The Graduate Business Programs reserves the right to cancel a Global Business Perspectives course at any time due to low enrollment and other circumstances beyond the control of the University, including but not limited to unforeseen Acts of God. If this should occur, all deposits will be fully refunded.

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