Board of Regents

Members of the Board of Regents are a group of volunteers who provide special advice and support to the University’s President and Board of Trustees. By their involvement with the University, Regents become ambassadors for the University in the community.

In their advising role, Regents make recommendations on selected policy and operational issues and do so in two ways: first, through their own discussions as a Board (including Board of Regents’ committees and task forces) and second, through the participation of individual regents on other University Boards and Advisory Committees.

In their support role, Regents help the University generate resources, especially through fund raising. They do this by making gifts of their own and by assisting the University in motivating others to give.

In their ambassadorial role, Regents represent the university in the community by “telling the story” of the University to those with whom they interact socially and at work.


2017–18 Board of Regents


Bryan S. Neider

Vice Chair

Peter Morin


Penelope S. "Penny" Alexander

Mary Atwell*

Marie Barry

Janice Berthold*

Michael J. Blach

Julie Breshock*

Robert Breshock*

Joseph R. Bronson

Rudolf L. Brutoco

Alexandria L Cabral

Kathryn Chou

Christi Coors Ficeli

James M. Cunha

Michael Dachs

Raymond J. Davilla Jr

Thalia Doherty

Kathleen Duncan

Stephen A. Finn

Gregory Goethals, S.J.

Joseph Gonyea III

Philip J. Grasser

Mary (Ginny) V. Haughey

F. Michael Heffernan

Laurita J. Hernandez

Catherine Horan-Walker

Therese Ivancovich

Ryan Joy*

David Le Baron

Carla Lewis

James P. Losch


Casey McGlynn

R. Donald McNeil

John McPhee

Martin R. Melone

Anne Milligan

Peter M. Moore

Peter Morin

Daniel Mount

Patrick Nally

Bryan Neider

Michael Nicoletti

Kyle T.Y. Ozawa

Claude D. Perasso Jr.

Risë Jones Pichon

Marc Rebboah

Julie M. Robson

Andrew Schatzman*

Stephen E. Schott

Byron A. Scordelis

Lisa J. Stevens

Margaret A. Taylor

John T. Torrey

Susan Valeriote

Maria Nash Vaughn

Carolyn Von Der Ahe

Robert J. Williams

Lewis Wolff

Patrick Yam

S. Christine Zanello

Andrea D. Zurek


* Ex Officio