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Career Center, Santa Clara University

LinkedIn Alumni Tool

Using the LinkedIn Alumni Tool

If you're interested in working for a specific company, in a particular industry or in a certain location—or are just curious about where SCU alumni are now working—the LinkedIn Alumni tool makes finding those people really easy.

Watch this short video demo to learn how to find and use this tool.


To get started, navigate to: Santa Clara University's Alumni Career Insights on LinkedIn

You can also search for Santa Clara University's LinkedIn page and click on "See Alumni."


LinkedIn Alumni Tool Overview


At the top of your Alumni page you'll see three subheads: "What they do,” "What they studied," and "What they're skilled at.”   Click the arrow to the right to view additional categories, which include "Where they live," "Where they work," and "How you are connected."


All the graphs are interactive and filter alumni data with each selection: Click any of the blue bars to drill down and refine your search. Clicking "San Francisco Bay Area," for example, will display the names of students and alumni living locally below the graph, and update the top lists detailing the companies they work for and the fields in which that specific group of alumni work.


LinkedIn Alumni Tool SF Bay Area


Find alumni for informational interviews as you begin your internship/job search: If you're about to start searching (or just want to explore career path options) and you’d like to start by searching for your major - Psychology, for example, use the Alumni tool by searching for your major to discover the range of employers who have hired alumni from your discipline(s) and in what types of roles these alumni are working in.

Alternatively, if you know you want to work for Google, for example, find SCU graduates—with your major—who work there now! If the company doesn't appear in your top five list, click the magnifying glass icon to search for it. Then, select the field of work to narrow the pool.


LinkedIn Alumni Tool SF Bay Area Psychology

It’s been our experience that Broncos love to help Broncos! Reaching out to alumni for informational interviews can be a great way to get your foot in the door.