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Department ofAnthropology

Lee Panich

Lee Panich


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Lee Panich is an archaeologist and historical anthropologist. In his research and teaching, he uses a combination of archaeological, ethnographic, and archival data to examine the long-term interactions between California’s Indigenous societies and colonial institutions, particularly the mission system. He has conducted investigations of Native life at various colonial-era sites, including Mission Santa Clara. On these projects, he has been fortunate to partner with members of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe and other Native Californian communities, scholars from a range of institutions, as well as numerous students and colleagues from SCU. Among other publications, Lee is the author of Narratives of Persistence: Indigenous Negotiations of Colonialism in Alta and Baja California (2020).

  • Anthropology 2: Introduction to Archaeology
  • Anthropology 4: Vanished Peoples and Lost Civilizations
  • Anthropology 114: Senior Seminar
  • Anthropology 146: Anthropological Perspectives on Colonial California
  • Anthropology 148: Historical Archaeology
  • Anthropology 149: Virtual Santa Clara - History and Culture
  • Anthropology 195: Field Course in Anthropological Methods
  • Anthropology 196: Archaeological Methods and Theory

Selected Publications:

Panich, Lee M. 2022. “Archaeology, Indigenous Erasure, and the Creation of White Public Space at the California Missions.” Journal of Social Archaeology. DOI: 10.1177/14696053211061675

Schneider, Tsim D., and Lee M. Panich, eds. 2022. Archaeologies of Indigenous Presence. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

Panich, Lee M., and Sara L. Gonzalez, eds. 2021. Routledge Handbook of the Archaeology of Indigenous-Colonial Interaction in the Americas. London: Routledge.

Panich, Lee M., Mark Hylkema, and Tsim D. Schneider. 2021. “Points of Contention: Tradition, Resistance, and Arrow Points in the California Missions.” Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 64: 101366.

Panich, Lee M. 2020. Narratives of Persistence: Indigenous Negotiations of Colonialism in Alta and Baja California. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Panich, Lee M., and Tsim D. Schneider. 2019. “Categorical Denial: Evaluating Post-1492 Indigenous Erasure in the Paper Trail of American Archaeology.” American Antiquity 84 (4): 651–688.

Panich, Lee M., Ben Griffin, and Tsim D. Schneider. 2018. “Native Acquisition of Obsidian in Colonial-Era Central California: Implications from Mission San José.” Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 50: 1–11.