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Department ofAnthropology

Lisa Kealhofer


Lisa Kealhofer


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Lisa Kealhofer has worked in both Turkey and Southeast Asia since 1991.  Her research interests focus on the relationships between environment, land use, and cultural change.

Lisa Kealhofer’s recent research interests focus on ceramic exchange patterns as a proxy for socio-political organization, while she maintains a long term interest in tropical landscapes and agricultural development. She uses phytolith analysis to explore land use dynamics during the Holocene. Currently she is engaged in a collaborative project studying the development of the Khmer Empire through the lens of stoneware production and exchange, while her last project studied interaction and trade in western Anatolia during the Iron Age.

  • Anthropology 2: Introduction to Archaeology
  • Anthropology 12A:  Measuring Humanity
  • Anthropology 140: Food, Culture and the Environment
  • Anthropology 142: Environmental Archaeology
  • Anthropology 145: Historical Ecology
  • Anthropology 147: Archaeology of Complex Societies
  • Anthropology 190: Virtual Santa Clara -History and Culture