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NSF Grant Announcement

Professor Elizabeth Dahlhoff has received a grant from the National Science Foundation in the amount of $432,568 which includes funding for undergraduates. These funds will support her project entitled "RUI: Collaborative Research: Adaptive Significance of Genomic Variation in a Montane Insect".

This project will develop and use genomic and transcriptomic tools to gain mechanistic insights into the genetic basis of adaptation to temperature and atmospheric oxygen in the Sierra willow leaf beetle Chrysomela aeneicollis. 

Students in the Biology program benefit from a wide range of educational experiences in the classroom, the laboratory, the field and in the tropics. Classes also focus on the ethics of modern biology and the recognition of key issues that arise in the curriculum.

The biology major prepares students for challenging careers and internships in the areas of biotechnology, education, health, and research.

Excellent academic advising, dedicated mentoring, and outstanding instruction demonstrate the Biology department's commitment to the students' intellectual and personal development.

Faculty Research

  • Flower Power

    Through research and collaboration across continents, Biology associate professor Justen Whittall turns the petal of a flower into a springboard to revolutionary breakthroughs for his students.

    Student Research

      Student Research