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Department ofBiology


Students in the Biology program benefit from a wide range of educational experiences in the classroom, the laboratory, the field and in the tropics. Classes also focus on the ethics of modern biology and the recognition of key issues that arise in the curriculum.

The biology major prepares students for challenging careers and internships in the areas of biotechnology, education, health, and research.

Excellent academic advising, dedicated mentoring, and outstanding instruction demonstrate the Biology department's commitment to the students' intellectual and personal development.

Combating Drug-Resistant Bacteria image cap

Combating Drug-Resistant Bacteria

De Novo Fellow Dylan Lawton ‘20 contributes to the search for a more effective treatment of microbial infections.

Cocas Lab’s NIH-Funded Research Studies Multiple Sclerosis, More image cap

Cocas Lab’s NIH-Funded Research Studies Multiple Sclerosis, More

Biology professor and students study myelination and nerve impulses

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