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Department ofBiology

Christelle Sabatier

Christelle Sabatier

Senior Lecturer


B.A. – in Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.  (emphasis in Biochemistry).  June 1996.

Ph.D. – Cell Biology, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. December 2003.

Postdoctoral Fellow – Department of Biology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. 1/04 - 4/05.


Research in the lab focuses on exploring the connection between neuronal circuits and behavior in the model organism C. elegans. Students who join the lab participate in open inquiry research. They articulate their own experimental questions and associated hypotheses based on literature analysis and laboratory observations. They design their own experiments through an iterative process of design, prediction, experimentation, analysis and redesign. At all stages of their project, they communicate their goals and interpretations. Students at any level are capable of succeeding if they are interested. All students move through this process at their own pace and seek out mentorship based on their individual needs. Success in the incubator is based on the journey rather than an end-goal. Everyone who commits their time to this process will have a story to tell at the end of the day. As students continue to tackle thorny problems beyond Santa Clara University, they will employ the skills they developed on their journey—resilience, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and self-awareness of their own strengths.


  • BIOL1A L&L - Transformations of Energy and Matter
  • BIOL 20 - Big Ideas in Biology
  • BIOL122 L&L - Neurobiology
  • NEUR 1 - Introduction to Neuroscience
  • NEUR 150 - Neuroscience Seminar
  • NEUR 190 - Neuroscience Capstone