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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry


Summer schedule and registration information can be found at
Biochemistry I (Chem 141) is offered in Session 1.    
Chem 11 and Chem 31 are offered in Session 3a,
Chem 12 and Chem 32 are offered in Session 3b, and
Chem 13 and Chem 33 are offered in Session 3c.
All classes are 5 units each.

Please note: For each general and organic chemistry class, students must register for bothlecture and lab sessions. Students who successfully complete the lecture and lab earn 5-units for each class. Lab sessions start on the first day of class.   This series is offered at a highly accelerated pace.  The successful student is one who is motivated, focused, and has few distractions.  Distractions include sports activities, vacations, part-time job, and other summer classes.  For all inquiries and requests regarding the summer Chemistry/Biochemistry courses, please email Lourdes Barretto.

Summer Students:  Check your Santa Clara University email account for messages from your instructors.  Below are links to syllabi you can download for General Chemistry (Chem 11, 12 and 13) and Organic Chemistry (Chem 31, 32, and 33).  These will give you an idea what topics are covered in each class.

Chem 11  Chem 11 Lab
Chem 12   Chem 12 Lab
Chem 13   Chem 13 Lab
Chem 31   Chem 31 Lab
Chem 32   Chem 32 Lab
Chem 33   Chem 33 Lab

Chem 141  Biochemistry I course includes an introduction to structure/function relationships of biologically important molecules, enzymology, membrane biochemistry, and selected aspects of the intermediary metabolism of carbohydrates.  Pre-requisite: Organic Chemistry.  A sample syllabus can be viewed: Chem 141.