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Abbyad Lab

Abbyad Lab

Abbyad Lab 2017

It has been a busy and eventful year in the Abbyad lab. Our lab’s research focuses on the use of small microfluidic devices for biological and chemical assays. Our lab currently has seven researchers. The senior lab members include: Ivy Fernandez (2018), Rachel Law (2017), Daniel Horvath (2017), and Amy Mongersun. I am also happy to announce three new lab members:  J.T. Tran (Class of 17), Bella Lynch (Class of 20) and Sam Braza (Class of 20).

Last spring, I spent some time travelling and presenting our research results at other universities. This tour included seminars at University of Bordeaux, University of Toronto and Stonybrook University.  In other lab news, a lab patent recently got approved. Congrats on the undergraduate co-inventors: Jon Tullis (Class of 14) and Cedar Smith (Class of 15). Our lab members also  attended the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco. Dan Horvath and Rachel Law presented a poster. Amy Mongersun presented a talk on  single  cell  analysis  in a session entitled  “Biomedical Advances in Cancer Detection & Therapeutics Using

Cancer Detection & Therapeutics Using Advanced Analytical Techniques.”

Last June, we said goodbye to four lab members that graduated from SCU: Keiko Montenegro,  David Pluhar, Thomas George and Ian Smeenk. Congratulations! We wish you best of luck in your careers after SCU. We sent them off with fun night of lab group karaoke (Ian and David’s rendition of Nickelback was particularly memorable!). The lab also got together recently for games night with pizza and a competitive game of Taboo.

As for news from our lab alum:. Keiko Montenegro has started an internship in the wine industry in the northwest. One of my first research students, Cedar Smith (2013) has recently started working in Silicon Valley at RPI, a regulatory affairs consulting company.