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A person smiling in front of a stone wall and greenery.

A person smiling in front of a stone wall and greenery.

Alumni Spotlight: Sabine Pigg '20

Catch up with Sabine and her time in New York

In April, I began volunteering for AmplifyThis!, a start-up that was formed at the outset of the pandemic to amplify the messages of health care experts. We are committed to getting accurate, evidence-based messaging out to the public and centering the voices of providers who are the most marginalized. I assist in the drafting of policy recommendations and academic publications, manage all on-boarding of new physicians to our network, and coordinate behind-the-scenes research. I am inspired daily by our diverse network of doctors who spend every moment outside of the ER focused on fighting for justice for people they will never meet. I am also currently serving full-time as a Site Coordinator for Reading Partners NYC in East Harlem, facilitating tutoring for children with lower literacy levels and training community volunteers. Every day in my work with Reading Partners, I get to focus on bridging communication and education gaps to empower those who have been left behind by our public education system in many ways.

I really, truly love it here in New York and am so grateful to have employment as well as the headspace to enjoy exploring the city, wonderful roommates who keep me sane, and a sewing machine to remind me that I get to have hobbies again now that I've graduated. I have finished my secondary medical school applications and we are diving into interview season, so everything is uncertain now, but my plan is still to start next fall if everything pans out. Otherwise, I hope to pursue a more permanent teaching position here in the city and go from there!

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