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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry


Khanh Pham, Class of 2001

From Khanh Pham  (2001) Public Health Pharmacist. Santa Clara county public health department, San Jose; UCSF pharmacy school graduating class 2006: I am fortunate enough to have a job title as a "public health pharmacist" for the Santa Clara county public health department. Public health is about disease prevention on a population level. We work closely with our public health nurses during disease outbreaks, emergency management, mass vaccinations, flu clinics, and even created the very first drug repository no-cost county pharmacy. You might have heard about the no-cost Better Health Pharmacy in the news during our grand opening event in 2/2016. Visit our website at for more information.  And just last month in March I had the opportunity to return to Santa Clara university during the mass vaccination clinic for the meningitis outbreak. It was such a thrill to be able to contribute in the safety of SCU students and to return to my college which I have graduated 15 years ago. It was tough giving vaccinations for 2 days straight from morning till night but it was such a rewarding experience.