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Eric Tillman and his research assistants

Eric Tillman and his research assistants

Tillman Lab 2018

The Tillman Lab saw some new faces this year and will be saying “goodbye” to several longstanding research students.  Moving on will be Ching, Maya, Kat, Megan, and Jess, all of whom have been in the lab for 2+ years.  Between the five of them, they appear in some combination as coauthors on four publications in peerreviewed journals with another two in revision at the time of this writing.  Joining the group this year were Alex Heiler (Kat’s brother) and Jaenic Lee, who are already making and analyzing polymers.  Ching will be working in Dr. Abbyad’s lab this summer and Jess will still be in the lab this summer.  Other new comers are:  Katherine Xia, Samantha Parker, and Kira Palazzo, all of whom will be working in the lab this summer.  Maya and Jess presented their work on the solvent effects of trapping polymer radicals at the ACS meeting in New Orleans (March, 2018), and Dr. Tillman gave invited seminars at Cal Poly, University of San Diego, UC Merced, San Francisco State, and the 3rd Cyclic Polymer Symposium held in New Orleans.