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Department ofEnglish

Professional Writing Minor

The Professional Writing program provides students with real-world experiences in digital and print environments that prepare students for a wide range of professional opportunities in industry, nonprofit, and public sectors.

With the Professional Writing minor, students can add additional value to their degrees through courses in the minor, internships and professional development opportunities. Recent graduates work in industry, nonprofit, and public sectors as user experience researchers, content strategists/creators, information architects, project managers, technical writers, documentation consultants, nonprofit communicators, social media coordinators, grant and proposal writers, and much more.

To declare or change a minor, fill out the SCU Registrar's Program Petition form.

One Required Course:

  • English 16. Introduction to Writing Studies

Four Units of a Internship Course: 

  • English 189. Professional/Digital Writing Internship and/or English 198A. Writing Internship

Two Electives From the Following:

  • English 19. Buisness Writing
  • English 20. Introduction to Rhetoric
  • English 25. Textual Editing
  • English 26. Introduction to Writing in Stem

Three Advanced Courses From the Following:

  • English 100. Writing in the Public Interest
  • English 101. Professional Writing
  • English 103. Topics in Writing and Rhetoric
  • English 104. Teaching Writing
  • English 105. Literacy Studies
  • English 107. Life Stories and Film
  • English 108. Writing in STEM
  • English 109. Internet Culture and Information Society
  • English 110. New Media in Theory and Practice
  • English 111. Writing for Social Change
  • English 112. Technical Writing and Communication
  • English 113. Writing Center Theory and Practice
  • English 114. Writing for Publication
  • English 115. Argumentation
  • English 116. Letterpress Composition
  • English 168PW. Women Writers and Literature
  • English 181. Engineering Communications


The UXR&W Lab is an interdisciplinary facility within the Professional Writing Program. Our goals are to make information more accessible, technology more usable, and experiences more inclusive. We connect students, faculty, and staff from all departments and colleges to support understandings of UX across diverse contexts. 


Dr. Heather Noel Turner, 

For more information, contact 

Matt Gomes

Director Professional Writing Program