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Department ofEnglish

Eileen Razzari Elrod

Eileen Razzari Elrod


Dr. Elrod is a Professor of English, currently serving as Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development. Her scholarly interests focus on religion, race and gender in early American literature, with a particular focus on contested notions of American identity and autobiographical writing. A dedicated teacher (honored with the Brutocao Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2007), Eileen has been a member of the SCU faculty since 1992, with service/leadership experience that includes the College of Arts and Sciences Rank and Tenure Committee, Faculty Affairs, the Ignatian Faculty Forum, Women Faculty Group, the LEAD program, WGST Program Council and English Department Associate Chair. She shares three perfect children with her favorite higher education colleague, Roger Razzari Elrod (San Jose State University).

Research Interests
  • Race, Religion and Gender in Early American Literature
  • American Autobiography
  • Literature by U.S. Women
  • CTW I & 2  (LEAD)
  • Studies in Early American Literature: Puritan Poetry; Early American Lifewriting
  • Studies in 19th-Century American Literature: Questions of Identity; Literature and Social Change
  • Multicultural Literatures of the United States
  • Survey of U.S. Literature 1 & 2
  • American Novel
  • American Poetry
  • Senior Seminars: Melville and Moby-Dick; Literature by U.S. Women
Selected Publications


Piety and Dissent: Race, Gender and Biblical Rhetoric in Early American Autobiography. University of Massachusetts Press, 2008

Refereed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • "New Puritans," American Literary History, Volume 30, Issue 1, 1 January 2018, 134–144.
  • "Gender, Genre and Slavery: The Other Rowson, Rowson’s Others." Studies in American Fiction (Special Issue: Beyond Charlotte Temple: New Approaches to Susanna Rowson) 38.1&2 (2011): 163-184.
  • “Phillis Wheatley’s Abolitionist Text: The 1834 Edition.” (Invited) in Imagining Transatlantic Slavery and Abolition. Cora Kaplan and John Oldfield, Eds. Palgrave/Macmillan. 2010. 96-109.
  • “Moses and the Egyptian: Religious Authority in Olaudah Equiano’s Interesting Narrative.” African American Review 35 (2001): 409-425.
  • “Harriet Wilson and the White Reader: Authority and Audience in Our Nig.” Prospects: An Annual Journal of American Cultural Studies 24 (1999): 297-310.
  • “‘I Did Not Make Myself So. . .’: Samson Occom and American Religious Autobiography” in Christian Encounters With The Other. Ed. John Hawley. New York University Press/Macmillan UK. 1998. 135-149.
  • “Rebellion, Restraint, and New England Religion: The Ambivalent Feminism of Mary Wilkins Freeman.” Studies In Puritan American Spirituality 6 (1997): 225-264.
  • “Truth is Stranger than Non-Fiction: Gender, Religion, and Contradiction in the Works of Rose Terry Cooke.” Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 13 (1996): 113-129.
  • "‘Mouth Put in the Dust’: Personal Authority and Biblical Resonance in Anne Bradstreet’s Grief Poems.” Studies in Puritan American Spirituality 5 (1995): 35-53.
  • “‘Exactly Like My Father’: Feminist Hermeneutics in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Non-Fiction.” Journal Of The American Academy of Religion 63 (1995): 695-719.