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Olivier Bochettaz

Olivier Bochettaz

Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer

Upon migrating to California from the French Alps, where he grew up and received a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature, Olivier Bochettaz moved to the Los Angeles Area to further his academic career. He received a Creative Writing MFA in Poetry, ran a small poetry magazine, and began his teaching career at CSU Long Beach. He has been passionate about teaching English ever since, from special topics in Literature to Rhetoric & Composition. His scholarly interests gravitate around Romantic Poetry, Mythology, and Western Esotericism, and his current research explores the intersection between Gnosticism and Jungian Psychology.

Academic Publications
  • A New Language For A New Perception: The Influence of Chinese Poetry on the Composition of “Spring and All,” The Williams Carlos Williams Review, vol.40.2. Summer 2023. Print.
  • Dissociated Verses & Intoning, Proquest LLC: UMI Dissertation Publishing, 2015. Print.
  • Allen Ginsberg et la popularisation de l’occulte, Stendhal University Press: DUMAS Publications ( 2012. Web.
  • William Blake & the Perception of the Real, Stendhal University Press: DUMAS Publications ( 2011. Web.
Featured Poetry
Hummingbird Magazine #25, #26, #27 (Wisconsin, 2015), “Switch, The Difference Anthology”(Kind of a Hurricane Press, Florida, 2015), Pyrokinection (Florida, 2015); Rip Rap Literary Magazine #36 (Los Angeles, 2014), Electric Windmill Press #9 (Boston, 2014), Synesthesia Literary Journal #2:1 (San Diego, 2014), Remedial Art Class #5 (Los Angeles, 2014), Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets (Long Beach, 2013), American Mustard #1, #2, #3 (Los Angeles, 2014), Le Printemps Des Poètes #2000 Edition (Paris, 2000)

Courses Taught
  • Critical Thinking & Writing I/II: “Know Thyself: Self-Realization & Society”
  • Critical Thinking & Writing I/II: “Education & Identity”

SCU Affiliations
  • Center for Applied Spirituality
  • Fulbright Campus Committee
  • Study Abroad Review Committee