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Tim Myers

Tim Myers headshot
Tim Myers
Senior Lecturer

Tim J. Myers has over 32 years' experience as a classroom and university teacher in English and education, was a university teacher educator for 19 years, and is now full-time in English.

He's also a widely-published writer for children and adults. He has 16 children's books out (one of which was a New York Times best-seller and was read aloud on NPR) and more on the way. He's published three books of adult poetry out (one got a great review from poet Grace Cavalieri and won an Outstanding Poetry Award from the Wisconsin Librarians Association) and has published over 130 individual poems. His Glad to Be Dad: A Call to Fatherhood was featured on the Parents Magazine website, won the inaugural Ben Franklin Digital Award, and came in at #5 on Amazon's "Hot New Releases in Fatherhood."Tim's been nominated for two Pushcarts, won a prize in the Writers of the Future Contest for science fiction/fantasy, and has published much other fiction and nonfiction.

He's also a professional storyteller and a songwriter; his "When Lady Smiled at Me" won the Dan Howell Song of the Year for the Saratoga chapter of the West Coast Songwriters. And he's the oldest of 11 children and can whistle and hum at the same time.

TV interview of Tim on children's literature.
Review by Los Angeles Review of Books:
Review of Tim's Dear Beast Loveliness by Grace Cavalieri:

Research Interests

  • Writing
  • Literature
  • Storytelling
  • Songwriting
  • Poetry

  • ENGL 1: Critical Thinking & Writing I
  • ENGL 2: Critical Thinking & Writing II
  • ENGL 106:  Advanced Writing:  Myth, Fairy Tale, Urban Legend
  • ENGL 160: Children's Literature
  • ENGL 170: Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults


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Curriculum vitae
In the News

February 3, 2021

Tim Myers wrote an opinion piece on how inauguration day gave him and his family hope for democracy.

May 21, 2019

A children’s book by Tim Myers, “Yao Bai and the Egg Pirates”,  was mentioned in The Mercury News as a summer must-read.

May 3, 2019

Tim Myers was featured in The Children’s Book Council for his new book, Yao Bai and the Egg Pirates.