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Learning Outcomes

Goal 1:

Students will gain a broad theological foundation that will undergird inquiry into a select area of concentration. (theological knowledge)


  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of Fundamental Theology, Christology, Ecclesiology, Ethics, Hebrew Bible, and the New Testament according to the competencies articulated by each of these areas.
  2. Students will integrate their core theological competencies in their chosen area of concentration.

Goal 2:

Students will develop pastoral skills, ministry knowledge, and liturgical fluencies in at least one key field of study relevant to Christian ministry. (pastoral proficiency)


  1. Students will demonstrate a depth of practical and theoretical knowledge in their area of concentration.
  2. Students will understand the significance of liturgy for their ministry and in the life of faith.

Goal 3:

Students will become competent leaders dedicated to serving the Church and to creating community in parish and other pastoral settings. (leadership skill)


  1. Students will employ historically informed knowledge of the tradition to assess theological positions and pastoral issues.
  2. Students will apply skills from their area of concentration for use in their faith community.

Goal 4:

Students will demonstrate a critically informed approach to faith that promotes social justice for the common good, especially for the benefit of those in greatest need. (justice commitment)


  1. Students will address issues of inequity and injustice in light of the Christian witness.
  2. Students will integrate the perspective of the poor and the marginalized in their reflection on theological and pastoral issues.

Goal 5:

Students will become prepared ministry professionals able to function effectively in a diverse global religious environment. (diversity fluency)


  1. Students will describe and address cultural differences in Christian practice.
  2. Students will demonstrate a critical appreciation of religious diversity.