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Tuition and Fees


  • Tuition is $660 per quarter unit in Fall 2023
  • Each class is 4 units
  • 60 units are required to complete your M.A. from the Graduate Programs in Pastoral Ministries
  • Substantial scholarship assistance available
  • Tuition is due in full on the 21st of the month immediately prior to the first day of the quarter


  • $50 one-time application fee for all
  • $25 pastoral ministries student association fee each quarter for all
  • $100 late fee is applied for enrolling in classes after the open enrollment period which usually ends on the first of the month that the tuition is due and a pre-payment hold is placed on the account that prohibits a student from enrolling or changing classes until the tuition is prepaid
  • $50 late add course fee is applied if not enrolled before late registration period
  • $100 late fee is also applied for paying tuition after the 21st of the month immediately prior to the start of the quarter which continues to be assessed monthly until the balance is paid

The Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries offers generous financial aid. To see requirements as well as find an application please visit our .