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Latina/o Ministry

The Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministries with an emphasis in Latina/o Ministry from Santa Clara University prepares ministers to deepen their theological education and ministry skills for engaging in Latino and other intercultural contexts. Pope Francis emphasizes the importance of a church that sees itself as “missionary,” that is, going out to those on the margins. A missionary church sees itself as a place of encounter between many cultures and peoples. A missionary church does not sit back and wait for others to come in; it seeks out the lost, the forgotten, the disenfranchised and welcomes them. The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has certainly highlighted the disproportionate ravaging of communities of color and the need for ministers with compassion, pastoral accompaniment and reflective listening skills to engage with those who are suffering on the front lines and while sheltering at home. 

Students in this emphasis will:

  • Gain a broad theological foundation in intercultural contextual ministry that is foundational to pastoral ministries;
  • Develop pastoral skills, enhance ministerial praxis, and explore intercultural and interreligious dialogue for ministerial competencies;
  • Recover the incarnational roots of kinship to restore balance to the beloved community in diverse global settings;
  • Identify a critically informed approach to faith that promotes social justice for the benefit of those most in need.

Why Latina/o Ministry?

The emphasis on Latina/o Ministry will provide the student with the robust and grounded formation needed to address, not only the needs of Latina/o Catholics, but teach ways to integrate their faith traditions into our increasingly intercultural mission church. Some concrete disciplines where this work is being employed are faith formation and sacramental preparation, intercultural education, chaplaincy, health care advocacy and support services, hospice, trauma, mental health, re-entry programs, interfaith services, community organizing, and community services.

Latinas chatting

The Latina/o Ministry emphasis in the MA degree in Pastoral Ministries is offered in all of the Diocesan locations. Application to the program is ongoing for start in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer quarters.

Through the “blended learning” approach the classes are taught with both face-to-face and online collaborative methods. The classes are taught within a ten-week quarter; three of these face-to-face classes are held on Saturdays throughout the quarter from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with a lunch break. During the other seven weeks of the quarter the classes are taught online as a web conference where students and professor meet together for two hours on a designated weeknight.