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Department ofHistory

Meg Gudgeirsson

Meg Eppel Gudgeirsson
Adjunct Lecturer

I have studied and taught courses that cover the entirety of American history, but I am particularly drawn to the 19th and 20th centuries. My research has focused on religion, gender, children, and race. I am interested in the role of “everyday” people - how they experienced and shaped our nation. I am inspired by those who challenge the obstacles they face and seek to better understand them. My most recent publication is "'We do not have any prejudice, but...': Racism in the interracial Berea Literary Institute, 1866-1904" in the Fall 2020 issue of Ohio Valley History. I am working on a project that extends this research to the larger history of the abolitionist community of Berea and ultimately looking to similar patterns of the overlap of education and white supremacy throughout the United States, especially here in the West.

I also serve as the Faculty Associate Coordinator for the Digital Humanities Initiative and as the History Pre-Law Advisor.


PhD University of California, Santa Cruz, 2016
MA University of California, Irvine 2007
BA California, State University, 2003


HIST 11A: Slavery & Unfreedom

HIST 12A: Slavery & Unfreedom

HIST 93: Cold War

HIST 27/127: Public & Digital History

HIST 72/172: Civil War

HIST 174: Protest & Activism: 1960s-1970s US

HIST 186: California 

Curriculum vitae