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Emily Stewart '18: Departmental Office Assistant

The department's Office Assistant for this academic year is Emily Stewart. She is a junior history major from Spokane, Washington, where she attended North Central High School. Some of Emily's best teachers in high school were her history teachers, and they gave her passion for the subject, which she has decided to pursue during her undergraduate career. Emily has taken a variety of courses in the department and has found that her interest has been drawn to medieval history, especially the complicated experience of Europe during the Middle Ages.

Emily has been heavily involved in campus life. She rowed on the crew team for both her first and second years. However, two knee injuries have forced her to give that up in favor of less strenuous extracurricular activities! She has lived in Sanfilippo and Sobrato Halls, and is currently living off-campus.

This past summer Emily received an internship at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose. She spent a good amount of time monitoring the rich collection of artifacts which the museum has on display and ensuring the integrity of the artifacts in the various cases, as well as making sure that the temperature and humidity in those cases were at appropriate levels. She also directed some of the programs at the museum's planetarium and gave tours of the replicas of Egyptian tombs that are some of the museum's most popular attractions.

Emily Stewart outside the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose where she interned over this past summer.

Emily Stewart outside the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose where she interned over this past summer.

As Office Assistant, Emily will assist our Administrative Assistant, Carole Wentz, in the operations of the office. She will also be responsible for a number of faculty projects, including library relationships, and scanning various scholarly articles and rare printed material. She will also provide research assistance to a number of faculty members. When you stop by the office, be sure to say hello!

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