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Department ofHistory


Faculty Activities November 2017

Professor Matthew Newsom Kerr explaining some materials to the first meeting of History 123 this fall.      

Professor Matthew Newsom Kerr is on a well-deserved sabbatical, having received tenure and promotion to full professor AND published the book Contagion, Isolation, and Biopolitics in Victorian London.             


Professor Amy Randall’s chapter "Gender and the Emergence of the Soviet 'Citizen Consumer' in Comparative Perspective" appears in the book Material Culture in Russia and the USSR: Things, Values, Identities, edited by Graham Roberts. 





Professor Nancy Unger’s article “Adda F. Howie: ‘America’s Outstanding Woman Farmer,’” about a woman who increased milk production by innovative methods including playing the mandolin to her cows, appears in the 100th anniversary edition of the Wisconsin Magazine of History.





You can watch Professor Robert Senkewicz shattering myths in an interview with Rachel Myrow for the KQED program Bay Curious, concerning "El Camino Not-so-Real: The True Story of the 'Ancient Road.'"










Naomi Andrews

Professor Naomi Andrews, president of the Western Society for French History, presided over a very successful national conference in Reno, Nevada concerning “Diasporas, Displacements, and Migrations.”