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History Club Goes Virtual

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“Over the summer and into the fall, we in the SCU History Club have been working hard to create new events to fit the virtual format of the quarter. Like everyone, we have had to adjust to the complexities and challenges of virtual formats, but we have been able to hold regular meetings and events, and we will continue to. So far we have had a Jeopardy Night,  and we recently held our second event of the year, a discussion on the History of Voting Rights. In the discussion, we had a good-sized group of people, who brought different and diverse perspectives on the issues relevant today and yesterday. This was a great learning experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to hosting similar events in the future. We plan on hosting a movie night and a game night over the next several weeks, and we hope to continue to offer a wide range of fun and interesting events, both now in this time of social distancing and upon our return to campus in the future.”

--Sean Chamberlain, History Club President