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Madison Givens, Class of 2018

Madison Givens, Class of 2018

Madison Givens '18

Publishing graduate school research that began at SCU

Madison Givens graduated from Santa Clara University (SCU) in 2018 with majors in Political Science and History and a minor in Classical Studies. Madison took a two-year break from academia and worked her way up to the position of Director of Operations at a law firm in St. Louis, Missouri. After deciding that the field of law was not her true passion Madison went back to school and is currently studying at Loyola University Chicago (LUC). Madison will graduate in Spring 2023 with master’s degrees in History and Women’s and Gender Studies. During Madison’s time at LUC, she has been given the opportunity to accomplish a plethora of scholarly achievements. Madison has presented her original research at several conferences throughout the country, and she was a featured lecturer at Loyola’s Feminist Lecture Series. Madison has been selected to attend the Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Program where she will spend two weeks this summer working closely with University of Michigan faculty on research projects in Ann Arbor, Michigan. One of Madison’s proudest achievements to date is the research she started as a senior at SCU titled “Female Blackness in an Abyss of Racism, Sexism, and the Black Panther Party.” This research takes an in-depth and critical look at the intersectional oppression of women within the Black Panther Party (BPP). Madison’s paper was awarded the Nina Liebman Prize from SCU’s Women’s and Gender Studies Program in 2018. Madison is currently working closely with a publisher, and “Female Blackness in an Abyss of Racism, Sexism, and the Black Panther Party” is set to be published in April 2022.

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