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Nancy Unger Gives Two Presentations

Women's suffrage and women's work in environmental history

“In May I gave an illustrated presentation “Winning Women’s Suffrage: Celebrating Victories, Learning from Mistakes,” for Continuing Education credit for members of the San Luis Obispo Bar Association.

Women picketing for suffrage

For more than two years, women under the direction of Alice Paul picketed the White House demanding suffrage. The names on the sashes indicate where each woman earned her college degree. 

I am also giving an illustrated presentation “Changing the World, Empowering Themselves: Women’s Clubs in Environmental History,” to The Shaker Historical Society of Shaker Heights, Ohio, on 9 June 2021. This Society recently received an Ohio Humanities Grant to start an oral history program, and their first project will focus on the Village Garden Club. I will provide context for their work by outlining pertinent women's history and evolving gender roles, plus some background on garden clubs and the history of women's environmental preservation and activism, material drawn from my book Beyond Nature's Housekeepers: American Women in Environmental History.

The National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, organized in 1896, emphasized the importance of outdoor education, and campaigned for the right for inner city African American children to have access to nature.

Black children playing in nature