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Image courtesy of Mayra Sierra-Rivera '20, Studio art major

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Myrrh and Essential Mysteries in Art and Science

by Eric Sabelman

Local artist and fellow Quaker Trudy Reagan (known professionally as "Myrrh") has recently published Essential Mysteries in Art and Science, a retrospective collection of her work at the interface between visual arts and science. Her book is filled with exquisite images derived from the shapes of galaxies and human beings and radiolarians, short essays on visual symbolism and occasional humorous sketches. Another Quaker, Peter Arnold, produced an 8-minute video of her description of four paintings, Four Pieces by Myrrh.

Image from Trudy Reagan, Essential Mysteries
Image from Trudy Reagan, Essential Mysteries, p. 49.


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Eric E. Sabelman, Ph.D., retired a year ago after 20 years at the Palo Alto VA Rehabilitation R&D Center followed by 15 years at Kaiser Redwood City hospital as a Functional Neurosurgery Bioengineer. He continues to do consulting and teaches a class on medical device design at SCU as adjunct lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. He first attended a Quaker meeting in 1969 and became a member of the Religious Society of Friends in 1991. He has known and admired artist Trudy Reagan since the 1970s.